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The duke nukem total meltdown for playstation 1 is sold out or discontinued. We found 1500 related products.
THE FIFTH EVOLUTION OF THE DUKE. NO OTHER SAIL CAN COVER SUCH A BROAD RANGE FROM WAVE TO FLAT-WATER FREESTYLE! NO OTHER SAIL ADAPTS TO ALL CONDITIONS AND SURPRISES WITH ITS VERSATILITY. TO ACHIEVE THIS VERSATILITY FAR-REACHING INNOVATIONS AND COUNTLESS PROTOTYPES TESTED IN DIFFERENT CONDITIONS WERE NECESSARY. THEREFORE DESIGNER KAI HOPF HAS INVOLVED THE WHOLE TEAM TO GUARANTEE THAT THE DUKE WORKS FOR ANY RIDER AND ANY CONDITION. No wonder as the evolution from the 2011 DUKE never stopped. The main objective of the team was an even better handling to allow for even more radical freestyle tricks through a reduced swing weight. Kai Hopf has found ways to reduce the sail weight by approximately 10% without sacrificing strength and durability! In addition, he shortened the luff length, which leads to significantly simplified control. Also, Kai gave the brand new DUKE a more elastic feeling, which gives lots of confidence for even the most difficult maneuvers. In summary this means: Significant lower weight and improved handling which makes the DUKE feel balanced in your hands and gives you maximum room for your own style. As a power wave/freestyle sail the DUKE works best on single-fin boards. The requirements for a Power Wave sails and a Freestyle sail are very similar: great planing potential combined with maximum handling and good controllability. Up to 5.0, the DUKE therefore has been designed as a powerful Wave sail. Not only because of the effective TWIN.TRIM.CLEW it has the greatest trimming versatility of all our Wave sails and the DUKE can easily be controlled by medium-weight riders too. For sizes 5.4 and above, Kai Hopf improved the new DUKE strictly according to the specifications of our 4-times Freestyle World Champion Jose Gollito Perez. 5 battens, the HYPER.LEECH II and the unique foot geometry improve the handling especially during difficult Freestyle tricks. All DUKE sizes were designed for RDM masts, but are still 100% compatible with our SDM masts.Key Features of the North Sails Duke Windsurf Sail: New: reduced luff length and approx. 10% reduced Sail: iBUMPER, the most advanced and effective molded mast protector TWIN.TRIM.CLEW allows for individual tuning increasing the range of use TWO MASTS.FIT.ALL: with only 2 masts you cover all sizes Designed to work best on RDM masts but still fully compatible with our SDM masts Boom Max (cm): 167 (4.7), 172 (5.0), 179 (5.4), 181 (5.9), 193 (6.4), 200 (6.9) Luff Max (cm): 416 (4.7), 422 (5.0), 435 (5.4), 449 (5.9), 456 (6.4), 468 (6.9) Battens: 5 Weight (kg): 3.7 (4.7), 3.8 (5.0), 3.9 (5.4), 4.15 (5.9), 4.25 (6.4), 4.55 (6.9) Mast Best/Alt. Length: 400 (4.7), 400/430 (5.0), 430/400 (5.4), 430 (5.9), 430 (6.4), 430/460 (6.9)
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Duke University men's basketball program has been the model for success in Coach Mike Krzyzewski's tenure at the helm. Under his direction, the Blue Devils have been perennial contenders for conference and national titles. Now you can harness Coach KÆs strategies for team defense, the transition game, and successful practices to make your team better than everùall on one action-packed DVD. The Duke Basketball Video Series DVD offers special insight into the key components that made all of those Duke wins, championships, and awards possible. The program transports you right to Cameron Indoor Stadium to see and hear what takes place during Duke practice sessions. Each segment features Coach K and the Duke team explaining and demonstratingò key teaching and coaching points,ò individual skill instruction,ò team tactics and execution, and ò practice drills.Action footage shows how lessons learned on the practice floor are transferred successfully to games. You will find the content captivating and directly applicable to your own improvement or to that of your players. Duke is known for its tough team defense, and five Blue Devils have been chosen as Defensive Player of the Year during Coach K's tenure. The Team Defense segment shows how you can transform five individual players into a single, basket-denying unit. From the trademark floor slap to the half-court trap, this DVD offers three complete clinics on the techniques required to fulfill individual position responsibilities and the tactical adjustments required to stop offensive attacks of all kinds. Duke's emphasis on beating their opponent in switching from defense to offense and from offense to defense has become a hallmark of their success. Very rarely do they give up an easy fast-break basket, yet they score many breakaway buckets themselves. The Transition Game segment shows that this advantage is developed on the practice court by design, drills, and desire; and it describes how you can achieve this advantage for yourself or your team. The Championship Practices segment provides a behind-the-scenes look at how Coach K and his staff plan and conduct their practice sessions to produce powerhouse teams. From overall season objectives to specific player teaching points, youÆll see exactly how you can transfer the blueprint for success to players. Each element of practice is broken down into modules of instruction as Coach K teaches, corrects, reinforces, and attends to all aspects of the game in his classroom on the cour Special insight into the key components that makes Duke win championships Harness Coach KÆs strategies for team defense, the transition game, successful practices and much more! A great tool for coaches at any levelCLOSE-OUT PRICING - WHILE SUPPLIES LAST
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