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The dungeon explorer for ds is sold out or discontinued. We found 35 related products.
This is not the first 3D dungeon wall product to be sure. But what it has over the others is one simple word: Ergonomics. (well, okay, one slightly complicated word). What this means is that the Bendy Dungeon Walls have been designed with the gamer and the gaming experience in mind. Other 3D sets provide a fantastic dungeon experience, but are expensive, and are also very time-consuming to set up, requiring an even further investment on the part of the gamemaster. Furthermore, you must have enough of them to complete the entire dungeon that will be played in, which both requires further expense, and ruins some of the drama, as players will be able to see the dungeon they are meant to be 'exploring' the instant they arrive at the table. Bendy Dungeon Walls are different. It is designed to be fast to set up. Not just fast. Super-fast, really. Fast enough to set them up DURING PLAY. Almost as fast as using grease-pencils on a battlemat, but a million times cooler. And by setting them up during play, the game-master saves hours of prep time, and preserves the drama of the game, as the players can't 'peek ahead' to the next room. And not only are the Bendy Dungeon Walls less expensive than other 3D dungeon products, but you need fewer of them. You don't need to build the entire dungeon...just the part your players are currently exploring. When they are finished with one section of dungeon, you can simply pick it up and move it over to build the next room. Again, all during play. Fast. Easy. Fun. Oh, and by the way, Bendy Dungeon walls are light, compact and extremely portable. Great for gaming on the go! Contents: 50 prepainted plastic walls and 5 prepainted plastic doors.
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