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This juice dispenser has an ice-fill core to keep drinks cool. The tabletop beverage holder stores 1.3 gallons of liquid. This juice dispenser has a no-touch dispensing lever so guests can serve themselves drinks with ease. Removable drip tray!This juice dispenser is an ideal unit for serving beverages at breakfast buffets and during other catered events. The beverage distributer has a capacity of 1.3 gallons making it large enough to hold ample amount of drinks for guests, without being too large for a full buffet table. This juice dispenser, also known as a drink holder, features a special serving style. Instead of turning a spout by hand to pour a beverage, one must only push in a lever with a glass to pour out the drink. This juice dispenser that has a push lever is a convenient and sanitary product for busy catering environments. In addition to this quality, the beverage holder also features a core chamber that can be filled with ice to keep the inside liquids cold without watering them down. Each juice dispenser with an ice chamber keeps beverages at a cool and refreshing temperature, throughout the duration of brunches, meetings, or parties. To add more liquids to the container, simply lift off the top lid or take the clear container by the handles and remove it to refill out of sight. This juice dispenser that keeps drinks cold comes equipped with a drip tray that catches unsightly spills and may be removed for easy cleaning.Each beverage holder can hold more than 1 gallon of milk, tea, water, lemonade, and other cold drinks. This drink container, juice dispenser is constructed of shatter resistant polycarbonate and chrome plated stainless steel. This composition is both durable for busy restaurant environments and attractive, as the chrome plating creates a mirror-like finish that is decorative for restaurants and banquets. Each stainless steel juice dispenser is guaranteed to be long-lasting through frequent use. To clean, simply wipe down the beverage distributer with a warm, wet cloth and the chrome plated finish will shine! Each juice dispenser that has a drip tray will keep buffet tables looking clean and customers will be impressed by the ease of use that the no-touch pouring lever will provide. Overall, this beverage container brings high end and high quality, drink distributing to any restaurant or catering environment.
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Size: 4.75 oz (140 ml) Juice Beauty Exfoliating Cleanser is a soap-free formula that delivers a brighter, more refined complexion using organic pineapple enzymes, soothing aloe vera juice and nutrient-rich algae. Jojoba beads gently polish away dull skin while shea, sesame and jojoba oils deeply hydrate. Suitable for all skin types, especially normal, dry and mature. Contains no sulfates or parabens. Directions: Cleanse once daily by massaging onto damp skin with a circular motion, avoiding eye area. Rinse well. TIA Review by Liliya: Most cleansers I've used in the past left me with dry, tight skin which - within an hour - turned my complexion into a greasy mess even after moisturizing with an oil-free moisturiser. Granted, I didn't know much about what I was putting on my face. I was extremely excited when Juice Beauty's Exfoliating Cleanser finally arrived. After opening the box, I quickly ran to the sink, eager to try it out. It comes in a hygienic pump bottle, made out of recycled plastic (yay!) with a large spout to prevent the product from clogging. One pump dispensed a creamy gel with just the right amount of tiny white jojoba scrubbing beads. The directions on the bottle said to cleanse once daily by massaging the product onto damp skin with a circular motion. Using my fingers, I rubbed it in, avoiding my eye area, and rinsed off with warm water. The jojoba beads are supposed to dissolve, but I noticed some still on my face hiding out in my pores after patting my face dry (which could have been from me not massaging the product in enough). Afterward I thought, wow, what a difference! This is probably the first cleanser I've used that DIDN'T leave my skin dry, tight, and patchy. My blemishes were calmed, my skin was glowing and more even toned, and my pores looked significantly smaller. I waited an hour before putting on any product after washing my face for an oil test. This stuff really slowed down my sebum production. I still had some oil on my T-zone, but not to the extent that I used to. Since this cleanser is soap free, it didn't strip my skin of its natural protection, which would usually cause my skin to overcompensate. Instead, the cleanser left enough moisture on my skin to prevent it from unnecessary dehydration. The great thing about this cleanser is that it's formulated for people of all skin types, but it claims to be especially beneficial for those with normal, dry, or mature skin. Its benefits are described as a blend of certified organic, antioxidant-rich white grape and pineapple juices with soothing aloe vera, and dissolving jojoba beads to gently exfoliate and clean. It definitely lived up to that claim in my opinion! I highly recommend this cleanser, and it's a really good deal. It also works great with a facial brush. Got Questions? Contact Us
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Truth In Aging
Zing Anything - Kid Zinger Juice Maker Pink - 16 oz. (473 mL)Hey kids! Tired of that boring, tasteless water? Well then give it a zing! With the Zing Anything Kid Zinger Juice Maker Pink, you can flavor water with your favorite citrus fruit. Make tasty juice water using fresh oranges, clementines, lemons, and limes. Or add in other fruits and create unique combinations like strawberry lemon, orange mint, and berry lime. The Kid Zinger takes the citrus-infusing technology of the Citrus Zinger and shrinks it down to kid-size.In addition to being smaller than the parent Citrus Zinger, the Kid Zinger is also redesigned to be more kid-friendly, using a rounded citrus press tip to avoid injury and adds a pop-up straw to the lid to help prevent spills. The Kid Zinger is a healthy alternative to sugary juices and soda. All drinks can be made using only fresh fruit, though a drizzle of honey or agave syrup can be added to make a fresh-squeezed orangeade or lemonade. The Kid Zinger has been dentist approved and is recommended for ages 6 and up. Built-in citrus press Flip-up straw. Easy to clean, removable citrus press Imported bottles with America-Made BPA/EA-free Tritan plastics from Eastman. Easy to add ice via the bottom opening Easy-to-carry, compact design Dishwasher safe 16oz Design and DevelopmentReusable bottles divert hundreds, if not thousands, of single-use containers from the waste stream, but to us, what you put in the bottle counts just as much in creating healthy lives and planets. Before the project began, it became clear that the teams saw eye-to-eye and shared some core values. Aside from Zing Anything's own beliefs and intuitions about the market, the research showed that people were making healthier choices and moving away from high fructose corn syrup and artificially flavored or colored drinks. But even flavored or intelligent waters contain additives and sugars that are not as smart as they claim to be.
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