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This juice dispenser saves space by allowing for storage of 2 different beverages. The 3-gallon tabletop drink display features polished chrome details and spring bars for the dispensing of liquids. The juice dispenser has separate ice chambers.This juice machine is an ideal drink dispenser for indoor events. This drink display, juice dispenser features a chrome-finished, stainless steel base and a dual polycarbonate dispenser. The dual polycarbonate dispenser sits on top of the stainless steel base for an upscale appearance, making it perfect for use in high-end food service establishments. This juice dispenser is designed to save countertop space, by allowing you to store two different beverages in one single unit. There are two stainless steel paddles for dispensing beverages as well.This beverage display, juice dispenser can keep beverages cold without the use of electricity. We include this juice dispenser with an ice core to keep drinks chilled. The back of the juice dispenser also has a faucet for disposing of melted ice. This juice dispenser, called a drink machine and juice container, is easy to clean and maintain. To clean or fill liquids, simply remove the tank from the base. This juice dispenser, also known as a juice machine, is best used in hotels, banquets, buffets and restaurants.Please Note: Do not attempt to freeze the ice chamber or use it as a drink dispenser. The ice-chamber is ONLY meant to hold ice to chill beverages. Fill the ice-chamber with cubed or crushed ice.
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Looking for waste free lunch ideas for kids? Then check out this reusable juice container that replaces traditional Tetra Paks and other disposable juice boxes! Artificial juice boxes are one of the biggest issues of lunchtime waste because they take over 300 years to decompose, nearly 4 billion are consumed annually, and as recent studies have shown, are linked to childhood obesity and weight problems. Most cities also lack hydro-pulping capabilities, a special form of recycling needed to dispose of traditional juice containers in a sustainable manner. With the majority of these beverage purchases ending up in landfills, the numbers are pretty clear in terms of supporting the environmental benefits of a better, healthier and reusable juice box. Juice in the Box addresses these environmental, financial and social concerns with their innovative, cost-effective and fun new alternative to single-use juice containers. Made of the durable and long-lasting material Tritan, Juice in the Box's easy to open but spill-proof lid guarantees continued use, and no more lunchtime messes, while safely fitting in most lunchboxes. By replacing unhealthy traditional juiceboxes with this revolutionary, affordable and kid-friendly option, you can positively contribute to your child's health and wellbeing-substantially decreasing chances of childhood obesity and other negative health repercussions. Start to move toward a waste-free lunch or daytime snack, while getting your kids to learn and retain healthy habits now and for the rest of their lives. Healthier kids and a healthier planet, it's what all parents want! Dimensions 3.25L x 1.75W x 5.25H, Volume = 8 fluid oz when filled to fill line
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Size: 1.7 oz (50 ml) Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream multitasks to even out skin tone, repair damage and protect with SPF 30 while helping reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This antioxidant-rich cc cream also works to increase cellular turnover, improve elasticity and create a glowing, radiant complexion. Available in Natural Glow (fair to medium skin) and Warm Glow (medium to dark skin). Color samples may be available upon request. Color cosmetics are not eligible for returns/exchanges. Directions: Apply a smooth, even layer to face, neck and decollete before sun exposure and to even skin tone & texture. Suitable for TIA Review by Nisha: The latest evolution in multifunctional skincare from Asia to hit the U.S. is CC creams. This is the next generation to the all-in-one BB cream (aka blemish balm), which merges skincare and makeup. Whereas a BB cream is primer, sunscreen, skin brightener and anti-ager all in one; a CC cream adds color correction to the multitasking list. CC creams provide more coverage, protection, hydration and skin-nourishing ingredients than their predecessor BB cream. As of this writing, there are only a few color-correcting creams in the U.S. and Juice BeautyBs Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream is the only organic CC cream on the market. The CC cream is part of Juice BeautyBs Stem Cellular Repair collection and contains the same proprietary blend of fruit stem cells found in the Repair Booster Serum. Like the serum (which serves as nice primer to the CC cream), the creamBs base is a signature blend of apple, grape, lemon and aloe juices that promote skin rejuvenation. Hydrating ingredients include caprylic/capric triglycerides, hyaluronic acid, organic sunflower seed, and jojoba oils. Free-radical protection is provided by the network antioxidants vitamin C (in MAP form) and E. Magnesium sulfate serves as a natural anti-inflammatory and ethylhexylglycerin is a natural preservative. Some might be sensitive to the inclusion of essential oils. A highlight of this all organic cream is the high mineral based broad spectrum protection of SPF 30 from zinc oxide. As noted in smart sunscreen shopping, zinc oxide is the best and safest sunscreen ingredient. However, there is some debate surrounding the use of of it nanoparticle size due to potential skin penetration, thus BmicronizedB zinc is best to use. Juice Beauty uses a whopping 20% concentration of non-nano, micronized zinc oxide. However, donBt let the high percentage of the mineral content deceive you into thinking itBll leave the usual tell-tale chalky white mask. This is a color correcting cream after all and is highly pigmented using iron oxides, known to be safe as they are non-toxic, non-bleeding and moisture resistant. There are also no studies showing them to be allergens or irritants; thus, they are considered ideal substitutes for ferrous or ferric oxide. A common complaint of BB creams is that although the shades are meant to be BuniversalB they generally donBt work well on darker skin tones. Juice BeautyBs CC cream is available in two shades: natural glow and warm glow. I have medium dark skin and the warm glow shade blends perfectly with my skin tone, providing just the amount of coverage I like and indeed gives skin a Bwarm glow.B Per Juice Beauty, the shade blends with even the darkest skin tones. Unlike silicone-loaded BB creams, it has a light mousse-like texture and goes on easily. The cream feels like a light moisturizer that disappears into skin and itBs easy to forget I'm wearing it. Juice BeautyBs Stem Cellular Repair CC cream is in a category of its own. As the only organic CC cream on the market, thereBs a lot to like in the formulation, which contains a multitude of skin beneficial ingredients at an outstanding price point. Got Questions? Contact Us
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