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These juice dispensers hold over 1 gallon of any cool liquid. The tabletop beverage holders have a drip tray to prevent messes, as well as an ice core to keep drinks cool. These juice dispensers also have a no-touch dispensing lever. Stainless Steel.These juice dispensers are ideal for use during buffets, parties, and catered events. These beverage holders can be placed on a tabletop to serve guests cold drinks in a professional, convenient fashion. Each of these juice dispensers with a square base is equipped with a special lever that, when pushed with a glass, pours out the beverage inside. This feature is optimal for busy buffet settings when guests are holding multiple plates and glasses at once. These beverage holders, juice dispensers also come with a cooling core that is filled with ice and keeps the liquid inside the container cold without melting and watering down the beverage. Fill the unit with any cold drink such as lemonade, cranberry, orange, iced tea, or water! These juice dispensers, also known as beverage distributers, even come with a drip tray that catches any spills. This tray is removable, making cleaning easy.Each of these juice dispensers that keep liquids cold with ice holds up to 1-3/10 gallons of liquids, an ideal amount for busy catering environments. To refill the container, either remove the clear drink holding compartment that holds the cooling core by its side handles to bring out of sight, or simply light off the top lid for refilling right on the spot. These juice dispensers that have a drip tray are constructed from stainless steel and polycarbonate. The stainless steel is chrome plated which gives the unit a decorative mirror-like finish, while the polycarbonate ensures that the liquids container will most likely not shatter if dropped. Each of these chrome plated juice dispensers is attractive for banquet settings, yet are durable due to its polycarbonate composition. These beverage holders feature a round shape to further fit a fine catering setting. The small, square stand fits perfectly on full buffet tables. These juice dispensers that are round are a convenient and attractive choice for any establishment. Enjoy a drink with or without ice as it will be nice and cold no matter what!
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