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He's not a bird or a plane and he's definitely not Superman. Cole is a superhero with super problems; blamed for the destruction of Empire City, haunted by the ghosts of his past and confronted by terrifying enemies at every turn, he doesn't lead a simple life. Step into Cole's super-powered world and embark on a dramatic journey to unlock secrets of the past and discover your true hero potential. As you explore the streets of New Marais, you can never let your guard down in this world, fiery explosions incinerate entire buildings before your eyes, cold-blooded enemies attack with alarming accuracy and electricity is a dangerous and easily harnessed weapon. Do you have enough superhero in your blood to save humanity? Or will you continue down the path to become an inFamous destroyer? In this second chapter of Cole's adventure-filled saga, you control the story and decide what's right and wrong. This time, you have the power to make choices and decisions that could alter your future and the fate of the world. Live out all of the consequences to your choices in vivid detail, powerful cinematic sequences and increased interactivity. The stakes are high and game bosses are more evil than ever, but you are armed with enhanced electrical attacks, fighting skills and new super powers so your fights are packed with intense, heart-pounding action. When you plunge into the dramatic, perilous world of inFamous 2, you'll discover what it really means to be a superhero. And here's a hint: it's not how you imagined it would be. Super powers don't always make things easier
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SynopsisExperience the future of warfare in Haze, a cutting-edge shooter in which governments have made outsourcing to Private Military Corporations (PMCs) common practice. You play as Shane Carpenter, a newly enlisted soldier in the year 2048, fighting on behalf of the most powerful PMC to date: Mantel Global Industries. Its newest invention, a biomedical substance known as Nectar, has changed the face of combat by transforming regular men into powerful performance-enhanced human weapons. Now you must take your increased abilities to a war-torn country in hope of annihilating the Promise Hand, a vicious rebel faction. However, you may discover that all is not what it seems, causing you to reconsider where your loyalties truly lie. Will you continue to fight against this threat on Mantel's behalf, or will you decide to join your enemies? You'll rely on advanced gear, high-tech vehicles and deadly weapons to accomplish your objectives. As a Mantel soldier with Nectar coursing through your veins, you'll have special abilities for detecting danger and delivering lethal attacks. Remain a steadfast member of the Mantel regime, or switch sides and become part of the Promise Hand alliance. Choosing to break away from Mantel will grant you new powers, such as Play Dead, Weapon Stealing and Nectar Grenade. No matter which side you end up on, an innovative Disparity Rendering System presents scenes differently depending on whether or not you have taken Nectar. Intense multiplayer battles add to the drama with your choice of online modes, including four-player co-op confrontations. Walk in the shoes of tomorrow's soldier and see what it's like to be the most feared force on the planet. How will you fight in wars to come?
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