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The kent marine reef salt mix 200 gallon mix box kent marine is sold out or discontinued. We found 939 related products.
Kent Marine Kent Marine Nano Reef Parts A & B - 8 oz: Nano Reef Parts A & B - 8 oz #857 Kent Marine Complete Nano Reef Parts A & B provide all the important major, minor, and trace elements in their proper ratios, balanced and buffered to increase alkalinity and maintain a stable pH. Ion & buffer system for nano-reef aquariums Balanced & buffered to provide essential nutrients in proper ratios For long-term care of all ornamental marine invertebrates & fish Nano Reef Part A contain all necessary major, minor, and trace ions in the proper ratios to maintain proper water parameters in nano-reefs and other small reef systems. Nano Reef Part B is an ionically-balanced buffer to Part A that increases alkalinity and maintains stable pH.- Provides proper ratios of calcium, magnesium, and strontium for rapid formation of skeletal material in stony corals and calcium spicules in soft corals.- Enhanced iodine concentration to satisfy the needs of hermatypic corals and there allies.- Simplifies the maintenance of proper water chemistry in small aquaria by providing everything needed in two products- Free of phosphate and other undesirable substances. The trend in reef aquarium keeping is gradually shifting from larger systems to more affordable mini or nano-reefs, able to be setup and maintained at a fraction of the cost of much larger systems yet just as rewarding and beautiful to observe. A smaller aquarium is not necessarily easier to maintain than a relatively large one, however; in fact, the smaller the aquarium is, the more fastidious the care of attention paid to stability of water parameters is required to be. - Aquarium Water Buffers
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