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These top-performing Thorogood 804-6391M Men's 10 Inch Structural T.R.I. Wildland Firefighting Boots are engineered for the ultimate protection and performance in a variety of firefighting conditions. Whether you're in a building, tackling the wilderness or on a technical rescue assignment, you'll surely want to have this pair underfoot.The Black Boulder leather uppers of these tough Firefighting Boots are your first defense against the rugged dangers of the job. Not only is the leather waterproof, but it's designed to be flame and cut-resistant too. To fight wear and tear, Thorogood added Shark-Skin leather toes to make the outer shell of this pair able to stand up to unpredictable, rugged and downright nasty conditions. Goodyear Storm Welt construction attaches the sturdy uppers to the outsoles for long-lasting performance. Stitched rather than glued, Goodyear welted boots take a beating better than no other. Plus, they're fully repairable for year of added life. The tall, 10-inch design features back pull-tabs and a full-zip front so you get them on in a moment's notice.Burning buildings, brush and technical rescue emergencies present all types of unique dangers. This pair meets National Fire Protection Association standards for Technical Rescue Incidents, Structural Fire Fighting and Wildland Fire Fighting thanks to its seemingly never-ending list of safety features. Steel toes and metatarsal plates keep your feet safe from impacts and potentially foot-crushing accidents on the job. Thorogood's exclusive I-MET design features internal, invisible metatarsal guards that are completely integrated with the steel toes for more comfortable and functional protection. Inside, a Sympatex barrier makes this pair completely waterproof so wet, soggy feet don't slow you down. Because you never know what you'll come across in the field, the Sympatex also offers blood born pathogen compliance. Rubber midsoles, sturdy steel shanks and Puncture Resistant soles offer a solid platform for your feet and keep sharp objects from penetrating through the boots to prevent injury.Vibram heat and fire-resistant outsoles deliver unbeatable, non-marking grip on a variety of slippery, rugged and hot surfaces. Downed power lines and other electrical hazards can impede your work so they're rated Electrical Hazard and electric-shock resistant as well to keep you moving.As a firefighter you can't always just clock out after eight hours on the job, so Thorogood added removable polyurethane inserts on flexible, double rubber footbeds to cushion your step and absorb shock. They'll help keep your feet comfortable and soften your step so you can stay on your toes until the last flame is out. When the call comes in, make sure you head out with the right gear. Designed to keep you protected in hazardous conditions, these Thorogood 804-6391M Men's 10 Inch Structural T.R.I. Wildland Firefighting Boots are your best foot defense against the on-the-job dangers. Order your own pair today. Just click on the cart and we'll take care of the rest. Sizes Manufactured: M 5-12,13,14,15 | W 5-12,13,14,15 | EW 5-12,13,14,15This style is also available in a womens as style 504-6391M
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