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The sima svs 14 is sold out or discontinued. We found 13 related products.
** Free Shipping ** Sima AC Adapter2Y68575. 8575. Sima Sima AC Adapter. Power Adapters Universal Adapter: Yes Selectable Output Voltage: Yes Multiple Power Tips: Yes Compatibility: AGFA ePHOTO: CL-30 CL 34 CL 50 CL 307 CL 780 CL 780C CL 1280 CL 1680 CANON: A10 A20 A30 A40 ESD-1100 SD790 A590 A1000 SX10 CASIO: QV-10A QV-11 QV-70 QV-100 QV-120 QV-200 QV-300 QV-700 QV-770 QV-780 QV-2000UX QV-2300UX QV-2400UX QV-2800UX QV-2900UX QV-3000EX QV-3000Plus QV-3500EX QV-4000E QV-5000SX QV-5500SX QV-7000SX QV-8000SX EPSON: PC 550 PC 600 PC 650 PC 700 PC 750Z PC 800Z PC 850Z PC 2100Z PC 3000Z PC 3100Z FUJIFILM: Finepix 50i Finepix 1300 Finepix 1400Z Finepix 2300 Finepix 2400Z Finepix 2700Z Finepix 2800Z Finepix 2900 Finepix 3800 Finepix 4800Z Finepix 4900Z Finepix 6800Z Finepix 6900Z Finepix DX-10 Finepix F401 Finepix 402 Finepix 601 Finepix M603 Finepix MX-500 Finepix 600Z Finepix 700 Finepix 1200 Finepix MX-1300 Finepix 1400Z Finepix 1500 Finepix 1700 Finepix 2700 Finepix 2900Z Finepix S1 Pro Finepix S2 Pro Finepix S-304 Finepix 602 Finepix 3100 Finepix A210 Finepix 345 Finepix 350 Finepix 2650 Finepix S-5100 HP: PhotoSmart 120 PhotoSmart 315 PhotoSmart 318 PhotoSmart 320 PhotoSmart 612 PhotoSmart 620 PhotoSmart 720 PhotoSmart 850 PhotoSmart JVC PhotoSmart GZ-MS100 PhotoSmart GZ-MG33 PhotoSmart GRD-8500 KODAK: DC40 DC50 DC120 DC200 DC200plus DC210 DC210plus DC215 DC220 DC240 DC240i DC260 DC265 DC280 DC290 DC3200z DC3400z DC5000z DC4800 LS443 DX7430 7440 7590 7630 M863 M1063 M1033 Z1015IS Z-650 DX-6440 Z-740 KYOCERA: Finecam S3 Finecam S3L Finecam S4 Finecam S5 MINOLTA: Dimage 5 Dimage 7 Dimage 7Hi Dimage 7i Dimage 3D Dimage 1500 Dimage EX1500 Dimage 2300 Dimage 2330z Dimage E201 Dimage RD3000 Dimage S304 Dimage S404 NIKON: Coolpix 100 Coolpix 300 Coolpix 600 Coolpix 700 Coolpix 750 Coolpix 800 Coolpix 900 Coolpix 950 Coolpix 990 Coolpix 2000 Coolpix 775 Coolpix 880 Coolpix 885 Coolpix 995 Coolpix 4300 Coolpix 4500 Coolpix 5000 Coolpix 5700 Coolpix 8700 OLYMPUS: C-100 C-120 C-200Z C-211 C-300Z C-320L C-700UZ C-720UZ C-730UZ C-960Z C-990Z C-2000Z C-2020Z C-2030 C-2040Z C-2100Z C-2500L C-3000Z C-3020Z C-3040Z C-4000Z C-4040Z C-5050Z D-200L D-220L D-320L D-340L D-340R D-360L D-370L D-400Z Frequency: 60 Hz Manufacturer: Sima Products Corporation Device Supported: Camcorder Input Voltage: 220 V AC Manufacturer Part Number: SUP-60LX Manufacturer Website Address: http://www.simacorp dot com Additional Information: Selectable Output Voltage from 3.3 volts to 9.5 volts DC - this meets the majority of cameras and camcorders on the market. Output Voltage: 9.5 V DC
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