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The thick jumbo dominoes dominos with spinner brown box double 6 set 28 ivory with black dots is sold out or discontinued. We found 1500 related products.
Thick-It 2 Extra Strength Instant Food Thickener Thick-It Makes It Good and Easy for People with Dysphagia and Swallowing Problems Extra Strength Thick-It 2 is a concentrated version of Thick-It Original so, about half the amount is needed to achieve the desired consistency. Extra Strength Thick-It 2 is preferred by diabetics, because less is used, and has fewer carbohydrates per serving. Thick-It and concentrated Thick-It 2 Instant Food Thickeners are ideal for thickening liquids and foods. For people with swallowing disorders, Thick-It and Thick-It 2 thicken hot or cold, thin or thick liquids and pureed food to any desired consistency quickly, easily and controllably. Simply add the desired amount of Thick-It while stirring briskly and wait 30-60 seconds for most foods/fluids to thicken. Depending on the amount of Thick-It powder you use, you can achieve nectar-like, honey-like or pudding-like consistencies. You can thicken fruit juices, carbonated beverages, milk, tea, coffee, lemonade, broth, pureed vegetables, pureed meats and more. A Few Thick-It Features: Thickens hot or cold, thin or thick liquids and pureed foods to desired nectar-like, honey-like or pudding-like consistencies Sets most foods & liquids within 30-60 seconds, dissolving instantly Does not change appearance or taste of food Gives the body caloric intake, nutrients & hydration needed for healthful living Will not over thicken and will not bind liquids Decreases the risk of aspiration Are kosher parve and gluten-free Thick-It Instant Food Thickener quickly and easily thickens beverages and pureed foods without changing their appearance, aroma or taste. It is used by healthcare professionals in hospitals and nursing homes for people experiencing swallowing problems or dysphagia. For those individuals coping with dysphagia at home, Thick-It Instant Food Thickener is also available through retail pharmacies. Introduced in 1987, Thick-It was the first instant food thickener on the market. It was joined in 2005 by Thick-It Purees; a line of great-tasting, shelf-stable pureed foods. Thick-It Purees are ideal for operators needing the convenience of heat and serve pureed foods and/or for emergency needs. Their development, carefully overseen by Precision Foods Registered Dietitian, was driven by a passionate commitment to deliver pureed food with reliable consistency, proper nutrition and superior flavor. For nearly 20 years, foodservice directors, dietitians, speech pathologists and home care-givers across the country have relied on the Thick-It brand for quality products they can count on to treat people dealing with dysphagia.
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Thick It Food Thickener The Thick It Food Thickener is a tasteless powder that helps thicken up foods to make them easier to swallow. Ideal for those with swallowing disorders, dysphasia and stroke or for those with neurological damage, the Thick It helps makes the consistency of liquid more solid. Great for use in hot or cold beverages or pureed foods, this thickener will not lump or affect flavor, is kosher and gluten-free. Thick It can be added to fruit juices, carbonated beverages, milk, tea, coffee, lemonade, pureed vegetables, meats and more. To use, simply add the desired amount of Thick It while stirring briskly and wait 30-60 seconds for foods or liquids to thicken. This thickener is recommended by doctors, speech-language pathologists and dieticians; buy the Thick It Food Thickener today from ActiveForever! Thick It Food Thickener Features: Instantly dissolves Kosher, gluten-free Does not bind liquid Promotes hydration Will not change taste or appearance of food Helps users swallow food Makes eating easier for those with issues utilizing throat muscles Please Note: Thick-It ? Instant Food Thickener is not a significant source of calories from fat, saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, dietary fiber, sugars, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and iron Thick It Food Thickener Specifications: Unit Size: 36 oz. can Ingredients: modified corn starch, maltodextrin Includes: One (1) Can of Thick It Food Thickener, instructions Important: Expedited shipping costs may vary as Thick It Food Thickener is oversized. Please call for a shipping quote for all Next Day, 2nd Day, and 3-Day orders Click here Thick-It Usage Chart Returns: Due to the hygiene or rehabilitat
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