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The tuttle silversmiths tuttle la preference sterling hollow handle fish knife is sold out or discontinued. We found 182 related products.
Tuttle Learning Japanese Kanji helps students recognize and remember the meanings and pronunciations of 500 essential kanji. Perfect for Japanese language students or enthusiasts, this book is vital for maximizing your ability to study Japanese. Kanji, along with kana (hiragana and katakana), make up the written Japanese alphabet. Kanji, being comprised solely of characters (Japanese symbols), are usually considered the most difficult to learn of the three. In order to learn Kanji easily, Japanese words are taught using techniques based on the psychology of language learning and memory. Key principles include the use of visual imagery, the visualization of short stories, and a systematic building-block approach that shows how more complicated characters are constructed from more basic elements. A strategy for remembering the pronunciations of the characters is another way Tuttle Learning Japanese Kanji has revolutionized the way people learn Kanji. Although this is a book for serious learners of Japanese, it can be used by anyone with an interest in Japanese characters, without any prior knowledge of Japanese. It can also be used alongside (or after, or even before) a course in the Japanese language. Key features of this book: Unique drawings and stories enable the reader to create mental associations that stick in the brain and allow you to recall the meanings and sounds of the charactersSample sentences using common words and compounds expand your vocabulary by showing each kanji used in contextStroke-order diagrams show the correct way to write the characterChapter and cumulative review exercises help to reinforce what you've learnedBonus DVD includes stroke-order animations and pronunciations for all kanji, compounds and sample sentencesIndex allows for the book to be used as a Kanji dictionaryA practical self-study text with a clear, concise, and appealing layout, Tuttle Learning Japanese Kanji gives you approximately 80 percent of the characters you will encounter in daily life, from newspapers to street signs making Japanese learning easy
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The Tuttle Travel Pack guidebook series--covering top Asian destinations like Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan and Thailand--now includes a new guide to Bali and Lombok. Tuttle Travel Pack Bali & Lombok is your passport to an unforgettable journey to two of Asia's favorite tropical islands. Author Paul Greenway is a seasoned travel writer and frequent visitor to these islands, and he recommends the very best places and activities--from the dramatic cliff-top temple at Ulu Watu with its entrancing Barong dance, to the cool highland lakes of Bratan and Bedugul with their hot springs and lush greenery, to the trendy beach resorts and boutiques of Seminyak, the idyllic beaches of the Gili Islands off Lombok, and much more. Greenway takes you to places found in no other guidebooks, highlighting the unique sights and characteristics of each spot. The chapters in this book present: Bali & Lombok's top sights and activities, from the famous Tanah Lot temple on Bali's southern coast to Ubud's Sarawasti Palace, where the best traditional dances are performed. A series of 2-day and 3-day excursions covering each major region of these islands, with a series of personalized guided tours covering all the most important sights and temples. Personal recommendations by the author for the best services and facilities on Bali and Lombok--the best hotels and resorts; the best shopping and restaurants; the best outdoor activities and traditional performances; the best kid-friendly activities and beaches; and more. Easy-to-use and easy-to-carry, this book is packed with fascinating information, handy lists, useful maps and photographs, and tips on how to make the most of your stay with limited time. The author provides pointers on getting around, basic Indonesian phrases, tips on temple ceremonies and etiquette, and essential travel facts (getting a visa, changing money, where to find the best hotels, food, beaches, and shopping). Extraordinarily useful and well thought-out, Tuttle Travel Pack Bali & Lombok contains a large pull-out map at the back, making it your complete travel companion for an exciting journey of discovery.
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Tuttle Tuttle Pantheon Series Elegant and enduring, this sterling pattern features a motif based on the Greek Pantheon - temple of the gods and an expression of life, power, and longevity. Rich with Greek and Roman style, it's crafted in heavier weight sterling and Continental size. Pantheon makes a statement of an unfailing appreciation for beauty and tradition. 4 Piece Dinner Set: -Salad Fork. -Dinner Fork. -Dinner Knife. -Teaspoon. 5 Piece Dinner Set or Place Spoon Set: -Salad Fork. -Dinner Fork. -Dinner Knife. -Teaspoon. -Oval Soup Spoon. 4 Piece Server Set: -Tablespoon. -Pierced Tablespoon. -Sugar Spoon. -Butter Serving Knife. 6 Piece Hostess Set: -Butter knife with Hollow Handle. -Cold Meat Fork. -Pie Server with Hollow Handle. -Pierced Serving Spoon. -Serving Spoon. -Sugar Spoon. 46 Piece Dinner Set: -8 Dinner Forks. -8 Dinner Knives. -8 Salad Forks. -8 Soup Spoons. -8 Teaspoons. -Butter Knife. -Sugar Spoon. -Serving Fork. -2 Serving Spoons. -Ladle. 66 Piece Dinner Set: -12 Dinner Forks. -12 Salad Forks. -12 Soup Spoons. -12 Knives. -12 Teaspoons. -Butter Knife. -Sugar Spoon. -Serving Fork. -2 Serving Spoons. -Ladle. Features: -Handsome pattern with refined forthright styling and traditional proportions. -Silver color. Specifications: -Material: Sterling Silver. -Dishwasher safe. Please Note: This item cannot ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you would like assistance finding an item that can ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico, please contact our customer service team.
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