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The Journey ® youth series fly rod is the only fly rod designed for youth anglers, by youth anglers. Instead of taking an adult sized rod and trying to fit it into a youth sized package, we took everything we’ve learned from fishing with our own children and designed the Journey series from the ground up; arriving at what is arguably the finest youth fly rod ever built! The rod is a 4wt. design so it can be fished on most types of water, but the length is only 7’6” so it is easy for a youth angler to control. In addition, the premium grade cork handle is crafted to perfectly fit a child’s hand and allow for comfortable casting without fatigue. This 4-piece rod series helps families to introduce their children to the sport of fly fishing with the right sized equipment, and without breaking the bank. The Journey series proprietary R-1 graphite design is a medium-fast action taper that is perfect for any casting style, and forgiving for those anglers just starting out. These are smooth casting rods that are sensitive, precise and effortless to cast; making it easier for youth anglers to learn the sport of fly fishing. The Journey ® youth fly Rod include the following features: Ross proprietary R-1 graphite design Medium-fast action rod taper, perfect for youth anglers 4-piece design - great for travel! Smooth casting, sensitive and precise Titanium oxide, super strong guides Rod piece alignment dots Anodized aluminum reel seat Youth sized half wells handle Cordura rod case Available in blue, pink Lifetime Warranty
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with Avery D. Faigenbaum, EdD, CSCS; professor in the department of health and exercise science at the College of New Jersey andWayne L. Westcott, PhD, CSCS; fitness research director at the South Shore YMCA and adjunct professor of exercise science at Quincy College (MA) The benefits of strength training for youth are clearly documented. Yet teachers, fitness instructors, and youth coaches are often not sure how to proceed, and they end up watering down adult versions of strength-training programs. That is definitely not the way to go. But authors Avery Faigenbaum and Wayne Westcott, with their 50 years of combined experience in teaching youth strength-training classes and coaching, can tell you the way to goand back it with the most current research on instructional techniques and program design for youth. Long recognized as leading authorities on strength training, Faigenbaum and Westcott guide you in designing efficient, enjoyable, and productive programs for kids of varying abilities in elementary school (ages 7 to 10), middle school (11 to 14), and high school (15 to 18). You will focus first on broad-based, balanced muscle development, and then move into comprehensive, sport-specific strength-training programs. In addition, Youth Strength Training will teach you; productive protocols for warming up and cooling down; procedures for enhancing joint flexibility; innovative ways to incorporate resistance exercises into physical education classes, sport practice sessions, and exercise facilities; proper exercise technique for 111 resistance exercises using weight stack machines, free weights, medicine balls, elastic bands, and body-weight resistance. Much has changed since the authors first wrote a book on strength training for youth, and those changesincluding information in the areas of nutrition, hydration, and recovery to maximize the effects of strength training and minimize the risks of overtrainingare incorporated in this book. Additional changes, based on the authors' studies, are reflected in workout frequency, exercise repetitions, related training components, and other factors that affect program design and conditioning results. All programs were fashioned with the latest NASPE standards in mind. Faigenbaum and Westcott have included new information on periodization and long-term planning, perceived exertion scale for youth, overtraining and undertraining, dynamic warm-ups and static stretches, new exercises, effective instruction of youth, and plyometrics. Through strength training, kids as young as 7 can safely develop a strong musculoskeletal system that can help them improve their health and fitness and also withstand the rigors of sport participation. Youth Strength Training is the definitive source to guide you in designing and overseeing the programs of the kids you work with, whether you're in a school, fitness center, or home setting. If you want to see high rates of strength development and spark a lifelong interest in strength-building activities, rely on Youth Strength Training. 248 pages. 2009.
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