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Rheem GNU75-125 N/A Gas/Propane Universal Heavy Duty Collection Commercial Natural Gas
Rheem GNU75-125 N/A Gas/Propane Universal Heavy Duty Collection Commercial Natural Gas
Universal Heavy Duty Collection Commercial Natural Gas Ultra Low Nox Water Heater with 75 Gallon Tank Need a ultra low nitrous oxide solution? Rated for less than 14 ng/J this unit features an ultra low NOx burner. Part of the Universal Heavy Duty collection of water heaters, this unit is an excellent choice for commercial retrofits. Its compact size and multiple water connections simplify installations. Need installation flexibility? This water heater has water inlets and outlets on top, front, and rear. Minimize Down Time The stainless steel burner assembly slides out like a drawer for quick inspection and maintenance. Factory installed brass drain valve features full-port, full flow which allows faster draining and servicing. Multiple magnesium anode rods ensure corrosion resistance for longer tank life. Save money The Direct Spark-to-Pilot ignition is designed to save energy and only ignites the pilot when there is a call for heat. Patented Technology Patented multi-flue design using a proprietary steel formulation, combined with two coats of porcelain enamel, and the results equal a superior heat exchanger. System Sentinel Rheem's exclusive diagnostic system. It watches over the water heater and verifies system operation sequence by sequence via LED lights. Ultra Low NOx Burner Need less than 14 ng/J performance? This burner delivers. The power assist burner design incorporates stainless steel multi-port burner tubes for long term ultra low NOx performance. A sight glass allows for burner observation. The entire design is removable and is highly resistant to the effects of negative air pressure common in modern commercial buildings. Specifications: Tank Capacity: 75 Gallons Thermal Efficiency: 80% Performance: First Hour Rating: 174 gallons Recovery in GPH at 60 degree rise: 202 Recovery in GPH at 70 degree rise: 173 Recovery in GPH at 80 degree rise: 152 Recovery in GPH at 90 degree rise: 135 Recovery in GPH at 100 degree rise: 121 Max BTU Input: 125000 Warranty: 3 Year Limited Tank Altitude Certification: 2000 ft. above sea level Rheem has been manufacturing water heaters since the 1930's, with coast to coast distribution by 1936. Their product offerings cover commercial and residential heating, cooling, solar water heating systems, conventional storage-style water heaters, tankless water heaters, replacement parts and accessories. Rheem's manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 certified, with four facilities in the United States. Choose an industry leader that is respected for reliability. Choose Rheem.
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