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Korg PA50SD 61 Key Pro Arranger Keyboard  - New
Korg PA50SD 61 Key Pro Arranger Keyboard - New
Korg's Pa50SD Adds SD Memory to Their Already Popular Arranger Keyboard! Utilize this keyboard to setup your live or studio performances. Your Pa50 compositions are no safe and secure with the built in Secure Digital (SD) memory card slot. using a 61-note velocity-sensing keyboard with a 62-voice TRITON-based sound engine the Pa50SD offers you more than 660 factory programs in more than 300 styles (256 factory + 48 user). Setup your beats with the four real-time pads and utilize the four stereo digital multi-effect processors and choose up to four of the 89 effects types to run simultaneously on your music. Korg Pa50SD Features 61-note velocity-sensing keyboard 62-voice TRITON-based sound engine Over 660 factory programs with over 300 styles (256 factory + 48 user) Built-in SD Memory Slot Four real-time pads Four stereo digital multi-effect processors with 89 effect types The accompaniment system provides various musical styles and an advanced chord recognition system. Styles can be modified, and offer 4 variations, 2 fills, 2 intros, and 2 endings. Korg's unique Backing Sequencer can be used to quickly lay down chord and melodic ideas. XDS Dual Sequencer The Pa50SD's XDS Dual Sequencer features two 16-track sequencers and a DJ style crossfader for seamless segues between them for a non-stop performance. The sequencer is compatible with GM, SMF, and many karaoke formats (SMF/Karaoke lyrics will appear in the display), and supports Real-time or Step recording with full track and event editing. The Pa50SD even features a pro sound system including custom EQ, a 2 x 15W stereo amplifier, and 2 coaxial speakers housed in a bass reflex cabinet. Musical Styles Each of the 304 editable Styles provides up to eight accompaniment parts – drums, bass, percussion and more – that respond interactively with your playing. Eight parts, four Variations, two Fills, two Intros and two Endings per Style provide all you need to create a natural-sounding performance. In addition to the eight parts that comprise a Style, up to four sounds are available on the keyboard as real-time parts. The Pa50SD can also store 160 user defined Performance settings, each instantly recalling the style, sounds, effects, panning, transposition and other settings assigned to each part. Extensive Sequencing In addition to traditional real-time and step-time sequencing, the Pa50SD also features our unique Backing Sequencer, which can capture up to eight tracks of Style accompaniment and up to eight tracks of real time playing in a single pass. In performance, nothing beats the revolutionary XDS Dual Sequencer found in the Pa50SD. Both models are GM and SMF compatible. Lyrics embedded in SMF sequences are shown in the Display. Rich, Stereo Sound The Pa50SD features two dual cone speakers in a reflex cabinet and twin 15 Watt amplifiers.
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Korg RK-100S Keytar Black BUNDLE w/ Powered Speaker, Cables & Stand
Korg RK-100S Keytar Black BUNDLE w/ Powered Speaker, Cables & Stand
Korg Strap-mounted Synthesizer BUNDLE available exclusively from Kraft Music, including the Korg RK-100S Keytar in Black, Powered Speaker, Guitar Stand, Instrument Cable, Direct Box, XLR Cable, and Batteries. Korg RK-100S - Keytar Controller Keyboard and Modeling Synthesizer (Black), 37-Note Remote Keyboard, 200 Sounds, 2 Ribbon Controllers, Arpeggiator, Vocoder, Effects, MIDI Out, Microphone/Line Input, USB to Computer Port, Battery or AC Powered, The black RK-100S from Korg is a recreation of their 1984 remote controller the RK-100. Back then keyboardists were finally freed from standing behind their keyboards and were able to strut out and trade licks with the guitarist. There was one minor annoyance - they need to stay tethered to a sound generator. Today's version avoids that dilemma by including 200 modeled sounds while still providing a MIDI output for going old school. The original heavy body has been made more compact and lightweight thanks to modern components such as a slim keyboard. Other new features and functions include two ribbon controllers an arpeggiator and a vocoder along with a favorite button that allow for saving frequently-used sounds for one-touch selection. A dual purpose mono mini-input jack can function as a microphone input for modulating the vocoder using a headset microphone or for connecting an audio player for performing along with favorite songs. The MMT sound engine provides not only the standard analog synthesizer waveforms such as sawtooth and square but also additional oscillator algorithms such as formant waveforms noise and PCM. The RK-100S can be powered by AA batteries or an optional power supply., RK-100S - BK RK100SBK
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