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IQ 12v Auto Power Inverter - convert from 12v DC to 110v AC (120 watts) - Right from your Car Cigarette Lighter
IQ 12v Auto Power Inverter - convert from 12v DC to 110v AC (120 watts) - Right from your Car Cigarette Lighter
Order Online Or Call Us At 1-718-734-1516.. This is the iQ 12v Power Inverter for your car, which converts 12v coming out from your cigarette lighter or 12v DC port to 110-120V 85-120 WATTS (85 WATTS sustained, 120 WATTS peak power). Like having your own power plant in your car! It can easily power your laptop and other devices, ALL at the same time, as long as they total 120 watts or less. The unit itself uses less power as it has special cooling technology, so it does not require an internal cooling fan. If running your car, you can run this continuously, even on cross-country road trips, without turning it off, as your car's alternator will easily put out much more power than this uses.If you have a power blackout in your home, just run a regular household extension cord out to your car and be the only house on your block with lights! You can run anything in your house, up to 120 watts total, right from this device plugged into your car's cigarette lighter!This plugs DIRECTLY in your cigarette lighter, no crazy jumper cables having to go direct to your car battery. No clunky device plugging directly into your cigarette lighter, blocking access to your cup holder or other things in your dash; just plug the power cord directly into your cigarette lighter or 12v DC power port and then conveniently place the unit on your car seat or the floor, then plug your device into the 110-120v outlet on the device. NOTE: if you need to plug in more than one 110v device, just plug in a 3-outlet converter into this device, then plus your 110v items into your converter. If you need a 3-outlet converter, we have several very inexpensive models in our store, see our category labeled: Electrical Extension Cords, Outlet Adaptors, Surge Protectors. This unit is brand-new, never used and comes in the factory sealed blister packaging. Be sure to get ONE for EACH car in your family, so you don't run off and forget it. Take advantage of our low sale price and buy several, one for each of your cars and your friends and family member's cars.Note, many power inverters are not good for much more than a cell phone charger and only put out 5 watts or so. Also, many inverters put out 220v which is useless in the USA, this model was made specifically for the USA and all other countries that use 110-120v and the same electricity plugs that the USA does.With this ONE device, you can instantly eliminate the need to buy a separate charger for your car for your cell phone, ipod, laptop and all your other mobile accessories. Your HOME charger for ALL of them will work in your car now, as long as they are less than 120 watts. Even a power hungry laptop only draws 80-100 watts, leaving you plenty of power leftover in the other outlet for other devices.Features-85W continuous power-Surge power capability (peak power): 120 Watts-BLUE LED on front panel to confirm power on-Noise free operation-Enclosed cigarette lighter connections with built in fuse- Fits all standard Car Cigarette Lighter Jacks- Ideal for waching TV, using labtop, portable DVD player, Printer, Cellphone, Shaver, MP3, Digital Camera- Built-in USB port allows you to easily charge cell phone, PDA, Ipod, and any other USB mobile devices.- Universal Receptacle design allows for use in most countries.- Innovative Compact Design- Light Weight (4.5 oz)
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