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Galaxy Select A Watt 250 400 Electronic 120/240 Volt Ballast 902483
Galaxy Select A Watt 250 400 Electronic 120/240 Volt Ballast 902483
These state-of-the-art ballasts are manufactured to provide today's serious grower with maximum flexibility & performance. The Galaxy Select-A-Watt is the preferreddimmable electronic ballast on the market. The Galaxy brand name carries a strong reputation of reliability and performance. Pre-programmed with a digital random start feature. Ballast will delay 1-3 seconds each time it starts. Reduces in-rush current spikes when starting multiple ballasts at a time. Lamps are only dimmable on wattages lower than the specified lamp wattage. A 1000 watt lamp can be dimmed down to 600 or 400 watt. A 600 watt lamp can be dimmed down to 400 watt, but cannot be over-driven to 1000 watts. Turbo Charge is designed for 1000 watt lamps only on 902518 and 600 watt lamps only on 902517. Do not use with 400 or 600 watt lamps on 902518 and do not use 400 watt lamps on 902517. This can be hazardous. There are three ways to use the Select-A-Watt feature: It will properly drive a 400, 600 or 1000 watt lamp to ANSI specifications. For example: Set the switch to 400 watts, insert a 400 watt lamp into your socket and the ballast will operate the 400 watt lamp. The ballast will similarly operate 600 or 1000 watt lamps. The second option is to dim a 1000 watt lamp. Adjust the switch to 400 or 600 watts and the ballast will dim the 1000 watt lamp by 40% or 60%. The Turbo Charge feature will increase the output of a 1000 watt lamp (only) by approximately 10%. You will achieve peak performance, but this may decrease your lamp life. 5 year warranty. #902518 is ETL Listed. - Most orders ship in 3 to 5 business days. - R1
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