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Lumatek Digital Ballast 400W 120V
Lumatek Digital Ballast 400W 120V
Lumatek Digital Ballast 400W 120V - Lumatek Digital BallastBrightest Ballast on the Market The Lumatek Ballast is the brightest ballast in the industry. Light meter readings indicate that the Lumatek ballast is up to 27% brighter than common core and coil magnetic ballasts. The Lumatek is 10-15% brighter than other brands of digital ballast on the market.Over time core and coil ballasts will degrade become louder use more electricity and produce more heat while the lumen output declines. Digital ballasts maintain lumen output and efficiency over the life of the unit. The output of magnetic ballasts degrades over time and can fluctuate by up to 10% during a 12 hour cycle. Digital ballasts produce a constant output without any fluctuation. Magnetic ballasts waste up to 75 watts to convert the electricity whereas Lumatek sends the FULL 250 watts to the bulb lighting it to its fullest potential. The Lumatek achieves superior light meter readings in comparison with other digital ballasts on the market through using microprocessors to detect the precise type of lamp used and accordingly supply the correct power. Some lamps are able to use slightly more than 250 watts. The Lumatek ballast will detect this difference and increase output accordingly. Electronic Ballast vs E-Ballast The Lumatek ballast is an E-ballast unlike other brands on the market which are actually electronic ballasts. E-ballasts use a microprocessor similar to a component found in a personal computer. This microprocessor allows the E-ballast to run either halide or sodium lamps to switch between 50 and 60 hertz to make adjustments for the type of bulb it is running and even to compensate for degraded lamps by increasing its output. Electronic ballasts have a constant output and cannot make adjustments or changes. They will light a MH lamp; but quickly cause it to degrade thus shortening the lamp`s lifespan. Lumatek ballasts are programmed to allow for a `soft start` and do not require an initial
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