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66/80cc Flying Horse Silver Angle Fire Bicycle Engine Kit - 2 Stroke
66/80cc Flying Horse Silver Angle Fire Bicycle Engine Kit - 2 Stroke
If you're looking for a performance engine that'll last, look no further than our 66/80cc Silver Flying Horse bicycle engine kit! Perfect for those comfortable with faster engines and have a desire to get up and go, the Flying Horse bike engine kit will have your ordinary beach cruiser soaring down the street . There's no rope pulling needed and you can stop or start the engine as you ride: just pedal the bike normally and start the engine by releasing the clutch lever.All of the Flying Horse bike engines feature the latest upgrades, including Japanese crank bearings and clutch components. We make certain that all of our manufactures abide by strict quality control assurance measures and use the highest quality material so that we can make certain that all of our customers get only the best. Made for experienced riders and builders, our Flying Horse 66cc engine kit is ready soar- are you?Product Dimensions and SpecificationsThe Flying Horse 66/80cc bike engine kit is about 8.5 height 7 length 5 width. The bike engine kit fits on standard, male frames with tubing of 25mm to 29mm in diameter. Larger frame sizes require drilling into bike frame with a stationary bolt and use the universal face plate to mount the front of the engine. Power: 5-6 HP (horse power) stockTop Speed: 35-38 MPH (miles per hour) stockFuel Economy: 100-150 miles per gallonThe engine chain does not interfere with your current drive chain and peddling because it rides on the opposite side of the bike sprocket.Installation is a breeze! The rider only needs some basic hardware skills, tools, and around 2-3 hours for installation and fine tuning adjustments (Note: Seller is not responsible for misuse or this kit or any warranty after installation).
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