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Shoe-In Unisex Blue Open Toe Overshoes 161 7772
Shoe-In Unisex Blue Open Toe Overshoes 161 7772
Carpets, hardwood, tile, linoleum. The entire world is covered with flooring that you can't walk on with dirty, wet work shoes. That's why you should simply step into these Shoe In 161-7772 Unisex Blue Open Toe Overshoes. The blue, open-toe design is made to be big enough to wear over the footwear you've already got on. Instead of taking off your work shoes because you had to go to the truck for a tool, or changing out of your slippers to get the mail, you can just slide right into these Shoe In overshoes. These overshoes are made to be worn indoors or outdoors, with a soft and flexible fit that moves easily with your steps. The soft tread won't damage flooring, because protecting floors is the whole point of wearing overshoes. Your wet work shoes won't leave tracks, because you won't be wearing them to walk on the floors. Shoe In 161-7772 Unisex Blue Open Toe Overshoes make it easy for you to run out to the truck or the garage to grab a tool, then keep working inside. They make it easy to step outside in your slippers, even on a rainy or snowy day. Use them for outdoor protection, use them for indoor protection. Use these overshoes any time you're going from inside to the outside, or from the outside in. They clean up easily once they've been used, so you can just keep on using them for any transition. Manufactured Sizes: S, M, L, XLS: Men's 5-8.5/ Women's 7-9.5M: Men's 9-11/ Women's 10-11.5L: Men's 11.5-12/ Women's 12+XL: Men's 13+
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