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Cajun Injector 16 oz. Hickory BBQ Marinade with Injector
Cajun Injector 16 oz. Hickory BBQ Marinade with Injector
For use with your marinade injector (included), this Cajun Injector hickory BBQ marinade quickly and easily moisturizes, tenderizes, and adds mouthwatering flavor to your meats and poultry. Cajun or Creole cuisine isn?t always intensely hot, but it?s always full of fresh flavor. Since 1977, Cajun Injector combines the spirit of Louisiana Cajun cuisine with carefully selected seasonings and spices for one authentic marinade. Perfect for barbequed chicken, pot roast, pork loin, salmon, and ribs, this marinade has a rich, thick, and smoky flavor reminiscent of backyard barbequed meats fresh off the grill. Great for roasting, barbecuing, and deep frying, this injectable marinade allows the meat to absorb maximum moisture in order to become tender and juicy. With this injectable marinade, you are not required to soak the meat and no fats are required to protect the meat surface. The fat free marinade works fast to infuse the flavor deep inside the meat, and the meat may be cooked immediately after injecting. You can measure out the amount of marinade you?d like to use before filling the injector, rather than wasting unused marinade. Simply reseal the jar and store the unused contents in the refrigerator for future use. For best results, inject 2 oz. of marinade per pound of meat. The injector included with this hickory BBQ marinade is simple to use and brings the perfect blend of flavors to your barbequed dishes! Sold in a 16 oz. jar. See Nutrition Sheet for more information. 22174.22501 From Cajun Injector
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