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Chillow Canine Cooler Dog Bed - Small
Chillow Canine Cooler Dog Bed - Small
The Canine Cooler creates a cool, comfortable place for your beloved pet to lay down. Made with Soothsoft Technology, the Canine Cooler creates a cool, comfortable place for your beloved pet to lay down. Helps ease joint pains for your older pet and keeps younger active pets cool. The Canine Cooler helps your pets stay cool by dissipating heat into the pad and out into the air. The Canine Cooler is a very high-quality product and is very durable. Canine Cooler Pet Bed Sizes: Small Canine Cooler: 24L x 18W x 1H in. (up to 40 lbs) Medium Canine Cooler:: 36L x 24W x 1H in. (up to 70 lbs) Large Canine Cooler:: 48L x 36W x 1H in. (up to 150 lbs) Canine Cooler Pet Bed Benefits: Keeps your dog comfortable and healthy Provides cool soft sleeping area of memory foam Unique fluid saturation system Cleans easily Perfect for older dogs Medical grade materials provide safety and durability Soft, comfortable, flexible surface Does not need refrigeration Once activated the Canine Cooler will keep on working without the need to activate again How do Canine Coolers work? The Canine Cooler is activated once only by simply filling it with ordinary tap water. The water is fully absorbed into the patented, foam core of the Canine Cooler. Once activated it will keep on working, so it's always ready for use when you need it. Canine Cooler is Cool: Unlike ice or gel packs, Canine Cooler provides just the right amount of coolness to be effective and comfortable. The Canine Cooler does not require refrigeration unless you need to be extra, extra cool! Canine Cooler is Dry: The Canine Cooler does not melt or sweat so it can be used anywhere in the home without any dampness. Canine Cooler is Soft: The Canine Cooler is flexible and soft to touch and has memory foam properties.
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