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Dermabond Liquid Skin Adhesive
Dermabond Liquid Skin Adhesive
DERMABOND is a liquid skin adhesive used by doctors to close wounds. It may not be appropriate for all wounds or skin surfaces such as eyes and mouth, or for people with certain skin sensitivities. Surgical Uses for DERMABOND For many types of surgery, DERMABOND can help make that recovery easier and more comfortable. These include: × OB/GYN surgeries, such as C-sections, where strong closure and excellent cosmetic outocomes are desired, also allowing new mothers to shower immediately and move about without the discomfort of staples or sutures. × General surgeries, such as many abdominal surgeries, back surgeries, and routine surgeries of the face, neck, arms, and legs. × Cardiovascular surgeries, that may involve incisions in the arm or leg as well as the chest × Cosmetic surgery, particularly where suture removal can be painful, and breast and abdominoplasty procedures, providing excellent cosmetic outcomes combined with bacterial protection and the ability to shower immediately after the procedure. × Sports surgery, involving lacerations that may need immediate attention, and to help players to return to the game. Where It Can Be Used DERMABOND is ideal for: × Wounds in areas where skin is not being stretched or pulled. × Exterior, hair-free areas of the skin and areas not inside the mouth. × The face, but not too close to the eyes. NOTE: International(exclude Canada) deliveries are not available. No return except for manufacturer's defects.
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