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French Easel - Artist Painting Supply
French Easel - Artist Painting Supply
This artist easel has a height-adjustable bar for displaying different canvas sizes. The floor-standing fixture can also be reconfigured to work as a countertop display. The artist easel has drawers to store supplies. Leather handle for easy carrying.This french easel, portable painting easel is made from premium beech wood. Weighing only 12.5 lbs, the lightweight wooden construction of this studio stand is ideal for any type of artist who travels. This watercolor or oil canvas art holder, tripod painting easel is portable and can be used anywhere. No tools are required for assembly, and in less than 5 minutes, this french easel with a drawer for supplies is ready to be used. This structure is adjustable and can stand 52-1/2 - 72-1/4 tall, all dependent on whether kids or adults are using this tool. This is also a wooden oil painting easel that can be used on tabletops. While situated on a counter, the legs should be snapped back into the sides of the box. Depending on the size of the canvas, this french easel will sit 25-5/8 - 41-7/8 tall. Two adjustable headers will hold any size oil or watercolor canvas up to 33-3/4h x 1-1/2d to the frame!This is a french easel that can store art supplies and watercolor inside the 12-1/4w x 4-3/8h x 19-5/8d box. Goods are secured inside by (2) 1w x 1-1/2h locks, enabling the artisan to organize and carry essential items. This french easel that has a sliding drawer, enables the artist to change tools quickly. This artwork and canvas stand also comes equipped with a painters palette that measures 1/8w x 11-1/2w x 18d, and conveniently fits in the supply box as well! An oil painting easel, such as this adjustable wooden art rack, is prevalent in artist studio settings. Users have many options with this tool, and this item can help to make the best out of any person's creative time! This painting easel is portable, practical and versatile. Even kids can use this item to practice their artist skills!
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