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Smart Solar Square Solar Garden Outdoor Fountain Multicolor - 1160159HA
Smart Solar Square Solar Garden Outdoor Fountain Multicolor - 1160159HA
Shop for Fountains from! About Solar-on-Demand technologyWith Smart Solar's Solar-on-Demand technology, you have the ability to control when you would like your Smart Solar fountain to run. The solar unit powers an attached, self-contained battery that features an on/off switch. When the switch is in the 'on' position, the fountain operates as a standard solar fountain. However, when solar energy isn't readily available, instead of shutting off, with Solar-on-Demand, the unit will switch to the back-up battery power. This way, you can enjoy your fountain, rain or shine, without interruption. When light is less available, the system will run on any excess power that has been stored in the battery. When the battery runs out of power, the fountain will shut off until power is readily available again.When using the unit in 'charge' mode, the fountain will not run during the day, and will instead use all solar energy to charge the battery. This is especially ideal for those who like to have their fountain running at night or who would like to use it for a special occasion at a specific time. It takes about one day of direct sunlight to fully charge the battery. Once the unit is charged, it can be switched to 'on' mode to get it back up and running. With the battery fully charged, the pump will operate for up to 6 hours.About Smart SolarDriven by a strong belief in the environmental benefits of solar power, and the realization that consumers are becoming increasingly environmentally aware with an interest in buying solar-powered products, Smart Solar was created in 2003. Based near Oxford in the U.K., Smart Solar has offices in the U.S. and Germany, and a manufacturing facility in Thailand. Smart Solar offers products including solar pumps, water features, lights, ventilators, chargers, and specialty garden items. With such a wide range of solar-powered products, Smart Solar uses an equally wide range of materials to make them, including terra cotta, ceramic, copper, slate, glass, aluminum, resin, and stainless steel. With an eye for fulfilling future consumer needs, and a heart for preserving the environment, Smart Solar is devoted to developing innovative, high-quality, and dependable solar-powered products.
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