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Sunflower Seeds, Roasted and Salted - 25 lb.
Sunflower Seeds, Roasted and Salted - 25 lb.
These roasted and salted sunflower seeds with no shell make the perfect healthy snack or ingredient to always have on hand! Use these sunflower seeds to make a homemade granola that all of your patrons are sure to enjoy, or mix them to make your own snack mix with nuts and fruit. Since their shells have already been removed, they are easy to add into your popular recipes. Their roasted, lightly salted taste offers just the right amount of salty flavor that your customers look for in a savory, satisfying snack. Sprinkle them atop seasonal salads or crush and blend them into cookie batter for irresistible sunflower cookies! These petite sunflower seeds are not only full of great taste; they're also full of health benefits. Studies have shown that snacking on sunflower seeds may help lower blood pressure. They also contain a handful of healthy vitamins and minerals, including, but not limited to, calcium and iron. A good source of protein, these sunflower seeds will boost the nutritional value of your dishes while adding a delicately nutty, nourishing taste. Also known as sunflower meats, these roasted and salted sunflower seeds without the shell make profitable snacks for your stadium or concession stand. They feature a petite size, light golden brown color, and traditional tear drop shape with a roasted taste that's sure to satisfy. Made in the USA. Sold in a 25 lb. bag. See Nutrition Sheet for more information. 320084
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