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Hydroponic 210W LED Grow Light Ultimate Plant Growing Fixture CREE LED
Hydroponic 210W LED Grow Light Ultimate Plant Growing Fixture CREE LED
Ultimate Growing LED Fixture   - Powerful 210W LED fixture (126pcs CREE/BridgeLux)   - X2 LED Lens   - Life Hours: 50,000hrs   - Warranty: 3yrs   - Certifications: CCC,CE,EMC,LVD,RoHS Light Source: LED LED Power: 210WVoltage: 120V - 240VType of Fixture: LED for Growing Puproses Lumunes Output: 9000LED chip: CREE/BridgeLuxPar Value: 562.3Life Hours: 50,000hrsModel: A111DCertifications: CCC,CE,EMC,LVD,RoHSWarranty: 3yrsApplication to Use: Superior Growing LED Light fixture for Plant/Garden LightingFixture Size: Length 19(485mm), Width 13(335mm), Height 3(80mm)About the Product: Power LED Grow Light system, plug-and-plug design right out of the box. Our Grow LED lights consume 90 percent less power then HPS and Metal Halide grow systems.LED: Powerful 210W LED fixture (126pcs CREE/BridgeLux)Spectrum: Our hydroponic LED fixtures offer superior spectrum levels which are suitable for any type of plant growth, high par spectrum peaks at 629nm/658nm/430nm/458nm with full daylight spectrum to nourish plants for complete growth development.Zero Cost for Maintenance: No trouble and no cost of repairing can be achieved by our creative design for customer convenient maintenance. 3 minutes is enough for any part of replacement by just using a general screwdriver. No transportation needed.Innovations for Design: Super fast and easy assembly.  Components: Replace any component within 3 minutes without any special tools or expertise. Unique Technique of Standard Module Design. Plug-and-Play key components of LED optic lens, PCBs, heat sink and power supply are designed into standard modules respectively.LED Lens: Latest X2 LED optic lens which is the latest optics technology for high lighting efficiency. 25% or more of lighting efficiency will be improved.  Air Vent: Air-circulation System Designed to Improve the Plants’ Photosynthesis and Growth so as to improve the plants photosynthesis and growth significantlyPower: Latest Power Supply with Low Frequency Pulse Increases 15% of the Plants GrowthMaintenance: Unique Function of Self-checking and Indication for Malfunction. R&D an online self-checking technique. Once any Malfunction occurred, self-checking Circuit will light the LED, which in the centre of each light-module, to indicate abnormal performance or malfunction that should be fixed.The Ultimate LED system surely is a an effective aid in plant growth. It provides healthy and fast flowering process, it is also more cost efficient and energy saving.The Ultimate LED Grow fixture all the proper spectrums levels to ensure healthy growth for all your plants.  LED Grow Light has no ballasts, runs in a warm temperature and has a more controlled running temperature which requires less water and adjusts accordingly depending on the temperature from surroundings.  The combination of red and blue light eliminates the task of repositioning colored lights back and forth to achieve uniform exposure.This Ultimate LED Grow fixture features red and blue wavelengths and an all in one full spectrum light panel that ensures maximum photosynthesis level of food production, growth and flowering of plants.  It requires 14 to 16 hours per day for maximum plant health.  These LED lights can be turned on automatically or manually and can be adjusted to fit the standard lamp timers.  This type of LED fixture is ideal for spring vegetable and flower seedling development.
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