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Aprilaire 350 Whole House Humidifier w/Thermostat 0.50 Gallons/Hour
Aprilaire 350 Whole House Humidifier w/Thermostat 0.50 Gallons/Hour
The Aprilaire 350 humidifier is a whole house humidifiier specifically for residences with radiators or baseboard heating systems. This whole house humidifier is a self contained unit designed to be place on floor joists. Humidifed air is distributed throughout the home via ductwork. A humidistat control is required to be installed in the living area.Eliminate unhealthy and damaging effects of overly dry air on your family and your home.Aprilaire 350 whole house humidifier can be easily installed in your basement between your floor joists so that the unit can be mounted in a central location providing efficient home humidification. The Aprilaire 350 whole house humidifier is ideal for homes with radiators or baseboard heat, and will provide your whole home with all the benefits of Aprilaire humidifiiers. The Aprilaire 350 whole house humidifier also works just as well with central heating and cooling systems.Achieve total comfort through whole house humidification.To ensure your humidifier keeps delivering lots of benefits to your home and health, be sure to switch out the filter at regular intervals. Aprilaire recommendss you change the filter at least once every year. Homes in drier climates or those using water rich in mineral deposits may find it necessary to replace a filter more frequently. If you refer to the Aprilaire 350 Humidifierrsquo;s change water panel light, yoursquo;ll know when itrsquo;s time for a change.Note: The item must be PROFESSIONALLY INSTALLED to be eligible to receive a factory warranty.
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