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Hirsch Selection Corn Whiskey Kentucky Straight 750ml
Hirsch Selection Corn Whiskey Kentucky Straight 750ml
The Hirsch Selection hand picked series of single barrel whiskies is chosen expressly for connoisseurs of small batch fine spirits.Corn whiskey is historically the first, commercial American whiskey dating back to the settlement of the deep South before Bourbon or Rye were even a twinkle in a distiller's eye. Kentucky Straight Corn Whiskey represents a tiny-but very important-classification of American whiskey. Today's commercial landscape of authentic Kentucky Straight Corn Whiskey is stark. We encourage you to venture into this pristine territory shepherded by an experienced guide: Hirsch Selection.Exceptional in flavor, Hirsch Selection Kentucky Straight Corn Whiskey is the highest quality available. Traditionally distilled, and aged over 4 years in oak barrels. A Rare Special Reserve with limited availability, Hirsch Selection Kentucky Straight Corn Whiskey is “A smooth and truly alluring whiskey that dances on your palate showing hints of oak and notes of sweet vanilla. Exceptional in quality with a chewy richness and delicate balance that belies it 45% alcohol content. Few if any distillers in recent years have distilled Kentucky Straight Corn Whiskey, so when we happened across a rare lot of this exceptional American spirit we had to acquire it. This is a soft and generous whiskey that in a snifter will bring you more pleasure than you imagine such a humble whiskey could deliver.' -Henry Preiss Liquor CORN WHISKEY
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