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G-Star PH-Light-1 Photography Photo Studio Lighting Kit
G-Star PH-Light-1 Photography Photo Studio Lighting Kit
pIn today's nonstop online market, pictures are becoming more important than words in communication and expression. As we control our words, we want to be able to do the same with our photographs - which can be done through controlled lighting. G-Star Photography wants to put you in control. Our new line of Photography Kits aim to provide you with the most essential components to create the best photograph /ppLight Control: A photograph is essentially a light drawing. When you paint your own picture you provide your own colors and aesthetics. The same goes for photography, to create your best photo, use your own light. Unfortunately, sunlight is generally too bright or shadowy. For full control/ppInstant, Easy Results: G-Star's controlled lighting kits are not as technical as they look. A great thing about digital photography is that you can see results instantly. Thus, you can test shoot to your heart's desire and then configure your space accordingly. To make something brighter, just point a light at it. To reduce light, angle the lamp away. To remove shadows, position a reflecting white card. It's all pretty easy, and all kinds of fun./ppQuality: We are aware of our competition and the importance of refined detail and neatness in regards to the art of photography. We pride ourselves in providing optimal equipment for our customers with the assurance that G-Star Photography is the one brand you can trust./p
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