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Foot Massager for Foot and Leg Spa Reflexology
Foot Massager for Foot and Leg Spa Reflexology
Got painful, sore, tired feet? Our Carepeutic Foot & Leg Spa Bath Massager gives you what you need for your feet and legs. The Carepeutic Foot & Leg Spa Bath Massager Tube not only can make massage effect on foot and leg conveniently but also provide total-calf healing therapy with comfortable soaked warm-to-hot water. Unlike the traditional ankle-soaked-only leg-bath massager, our massager s tube has 14 inches in height, which gives you truly calf-soaked O3 sterilization and reflexology. Its 300 massage burls and two water jets give you strong air bubble massage impact on calves and feet; and the four built-in invisible massage and moving rollers provide great massaging on feet; its automatic water drain valve lets you move it around with ease. Carepeutic foot bathing massager integrates the essences of ancient Chinese medicine theory It is a no pain pain-killing treatment but improving circulation and expelling body irregularities and contemporary human engineering, channels and collaterals reflections, electrical and thermal ,mechanical force, water power, magnetic power, far infrared radiation, etc. It is a result of humanized and scientific design for foot reflexology. Carepeutic foot bathing massager owns the following curative effect combined with therapeutic treatment and active exercise: dredging liver and emancipating morose, harmonizing spleen and stomach, improving one s appetite, improving digestibility, relieving constipation, relaxing muscle, eliminating fatigue, clearing & activating the channels & collaterals, making paralysis and curing insomnia, etc. By using this foot bathing massager every day, it will be a logical result to remain health and extend one s vitality, not just for your feet but also for your body.
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