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Starrett 1202-12 Dial Caliper, Inch, White Face, Stainless Steel, 0-12 Range, /-0.001 Accuracy, 0.001 Resolution, 2.5 Jaw
Starrett 1202-12 Dial Caliper, Inch, White Face, Stainless Steel, 0-12 Range, /-0.001 Accuracy, 0.001 Resolution, 2.5 Jaw
pThe Starrett 1202-12 dial caliper measures 0 to 12 inches with 0.001 accuracy. This handy measuring tool allows for reliable and accurate depth, inside, and outside readings with the sharp, black graduations every 0.100 on the no-glare, satin-finished bar, crisp lines on the white dial face, and knife edge contacts on the jaws. /p pOne full revolution of the dial is equivalent to 0.100. The knife-edge contacts can be used to scribe parallel lines on the workpiece. This caliper can be used with one hand through operating the fine adjustment roll with the thumb. The lock screw locks the dial bezel and holds the sliding jaw in position. The depth rod is integrated into the rack of the caliper, unlike many calipers which offer a detachable depth rod, or none at all. The hardened stainless steel components, including the bar, measuring surfaces, rack, gears, and depth rod, offer corrosion resistance, increased accuracy, and long life. Positive double pinion anti-backlash control offers increased accuracy over standard gear configurations. Backlash is the amount of clearance between mated gear teeth in the caliper controls which prevents the gear teeth from jamming. It is undesirable to have much backlash due to the lack of precision offered by the increased amount of play between gears. Certain gear designs can minimize or eliminate backlash. Double pinion anti-backlash systems have two round gears (also called pinions) in contact with the rack gear that extends down the length of the caliper itself. The two pinions have a lower chance of disengaging with the rack gear than a single gear, thereby keeping the caliper more accurate than a single gear anti-backlash system. The rack teeth point down to keep foreign matter from clogging the gear operations. This prevents measurement errors where metal chips could interfere with proper caliper operation. /p pCalipers measure the distance between two opposing sides of an object. They make inside, outside, depth, or step measu
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