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Paper Mache Ball Ornament
Paper Mache Ball Ornament
Let this Paper Mache Ball Ornament be your empty canvas of craft exploration! Paint, stain, and embellish as you please! This can serve as a decorative project for you or your little ones! It has great potential to be a child's project for inside or outside of the classroom, as paper mache is a very paintable surface, and one can decorate it as they please. But also, with some advanced painting skills, it can make for a beautiful display. Feel free to attach other various crafting materials! Make this truly your own! With enough creativity, people won't even recognize or believe that this was initially an unfinished paper mache sphere, altered by you! Take this in any holiday or seasonal direction! Create a vibrant, shining Christmas ornament. Turn it into a planet for a solar system presentation! This ornament comes with a gold hanging string. Brighten your Christmas tree, mobile, or wherever you see fit! One or many of these ornaments would look great in a large vase or bowl as part of a festive centerpiece! Cleverly use these as personalized placeholders, as well! Easily attach a name tag to its string, and hang them on a beautiful Christmas tree as a fun display for the entry of your weddings and other events! They will enjoy searching for their name and table number displayed on the tree! Paper mache is a handmade item, and its size is approximate. 100% biodegradable. Eco-friendly. Made from recycled materials.
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