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Cool Components Single Cooling Fan CP-SF
Cool Components Single Cooling Fan CP-SF
Cool Components CP-SF This unit circulates air away from components protecting equipment from heat accumulations and failures. The unit is simply placed on top of a component and is ideal for standard (non-HD) cable and satellite receivers or some larger components in less demanding situations. The Single Fan Unit is ideal when heat is a concern but does not reach extreme temperatures (for more aggressive cooling, use the Dual Fan Unit). The heavy gauge steel construction not only provides a nice appearance and is extremely durable, it also acts as a large heat sink increasing the efficiency of the unit. This unit features a top-quality levitation blower that is mounted using a floating gasket which eliminates noise caused by normal vibrations. The unit operates on DC voltage and by adjusting the voltage can be run silent or more aggressively depending on the application. Features: -Racks.-Cooling unit.-For cooling smaller components such as satellite receivers and game boxes or components that generally do not generate a huge amount of heat.-Also ideal for mounting to the back of a cabinet to draw hot air out and away from components.-Requires PS300 300mA power supply (not included).-Quiet and Efficient Operation.-Effectively Circulates Air Around Components.-Aesthetically Pleasing - Matches Components in Design.-Quick and Easy Installation.-Sleek and Low Profile Size Allows for Placement in Tight Spaces (Place on components in a Rack or Entertainment Center).-Uses Variable Voltage Power Supply to Adjust Fan Speed. This allows the unit to be run more aggressively, if installed in an enclosed cabinet or closet, or silently if necessary.-Compatible with the Temperature Controllers (TC- BSC, TC-ALT & TC-AC).-Cooling System: 1 Brushless Magnetic Levitation Blower (Est. 50,000 hrs.).-Air Flow: 4CFM.-Power: Connection: 2.1mm Coax Plug with 2-Pin FastWire Power System (Ensure proper polarity).-Construction: Heavy Gauge Steel (Powder Coated Semi Gloss Black).-Color: Black.-Country of Manufacture: United States.Dimensions: -1.25'' H x 4'' W x 4'' D (3.18cm H x 10cm W x 10cm D).-Noise: Silent to ~20 dba (Max).-Power: Multiple Units Can Be Powered with a Single PS-300 Power Supply.-Power: Voltage: 5 to 9V DC for Normal Operation or 9 to 12V for more aggressive cooling.-Power: Current: 40 milliamps at 12V.-Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 1.25.-Overall Width - Side to Side: 4.-Overall Depth - Front to Back: 4.
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