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Engino Inventor Basic Series Build 20 Model Set with Motor
Engino Inventor Basic Series Build 20 Model Set with Motor
The Build 20 Model Set with Motor is ideal for both beginners and intermediate users Features: 110 pieces. 498 connecting points It contains enough parts to build fairly large and functional models and also includes the Engino 3 volt geared motor for some amazing contraptions. The Engino Toy System is perhaps the most advanced and versatile three dimensional construction toy in the market today. It offers both children and adults unique opportunities for design and creation. The system is comprised of multifaceted rods and connectors that share unique geometrical features that allow connectivity on up to 6 sides simultaneously. In essence, the patent pending design transforms rods into connectors and allows dense or open construction. This allows engineers to build simple or complex models quickly with a smaller number of different components. In each set many different models can be created from a wide range of themes, from structures to cars, planes and cranes. Detailed instructions are included for the major models while additional models can be assembled by following the plans free to download instructions online at the Engino website.. All sets can be combined together to create bigger builds, limited only by the child's imagination. Contains 110 pieces and 498 connecting points plus 3 volt geared motor. Build structures and machines using this multidimensional construction system. Printed instructions are included for fun easy to assemble models more plans can be downloaded from the Engino's website. Excellent addition to a homeschool curriculum.
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