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Whirlwind Perfect Ten 10 Band Graphic EQ Pedal
Whirlwind Perfect Ten 10 Band Graphic EQ Pedal
Guitar Pedals & Effects - Take total control of your guitar tone with the Whirlwind Perfect Ten guitar graphic equalizer pedal. This incredible EQ pedal was designed by none other than Tony Gambacurta, an undisputed master of equalizer design. Combining studio-quality sound with the fast and precise controls of a traditional graphic equalizer, the Perfect Ten gives you the clear sound you need plus the massive tone shaping potential you've always wanted. And it's great for more than just guitar. You can use you Whirlwind Perfect Ten graphic EQ pedal on any instrument-level source.Whirlwind Perfect Ten Guitar Graphic Equalizer Stompbox Processor at a Glance:Constant Q graphic equalizer guarantees precision tone shapingCreated by Tony Gambacurta, the guru of modern EQ designMade in America and built tough enough for touringConstant Q graphic equalizer guarantees precision tone shapingThere are two basic kinds of analog equalizer designs: older gyrator models and more modern constant Q models, such as Whirlwind's Perfect Ten pedal. Gyrator EQs used a complex series of capacitors and induction coils to affect each frequency band. However, the relative bandwidth (highest to lowest frequency affected) of each section of this kind of EQ gets narrower the more you boost or cut it. That leads to strange phase issues and unpredictable results. Each band on the Perfect Ten's constant EQ, on the other hand, remains constant no matter how much you boost or cut it, allowing you to tweak your tone with surgical precision.Created by Tony Gambacurta, the guru of modern EQ designYou probably haven't heard of Tony Gambacurta before, but in the analog processing world, the man's a legend. Between his time crafting rock-solid stompboxes for Dunlop's MXR division, conjuring up graphic EQs for ART, and pushing the creative envelope at Whirlwind, Gambacurta's easily racked up more than 35 years of professional processor design. Suffice it to say that the Perfect Ten pedal is far from an off-the-shelf graphic EQ. Specifically tuned to the unique tonal nuances and dynamic characteristics of guitar signal, you'll get the kind of control over your sound you've always wanted with this quality equalizer.Made in America and built tough enough for touringNot only is the Perfect Ten graphic equalizer pedal made in the U.S., but it's built with the same extreme toughness that all of Whirlwind's stage-ready gear in known for. For you touring and working guitarists, this means never having to worry about your sound cutting out or any delicate circuitry falling apart just due to the routine abuse any gear onstage is bound to go through. Don't let the studio-quality sound fool you, this rugged stompbox EQ was built for life on the road.Whirlwind Perfect Ten Guitar Graphic Equalizer Stompbox Processor Features:An ideal way to take absolute control of your guitar toneStudio-quality 10-band equalizer that's been optimized for guitar and built into a stage-ready stompbox10-band constant Q equalizer lets you target specific frequency ranges with surgical precisionCircuit design created by industry legend Tony Gambacurta18V power supply includedGet the perfect tonal balance from your guitar rig with the Perfect Ten EQ pedal by Whirlwind! Compressors and EQ
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