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LG Wall Air Conditioner LP076HD3A
LG Wall Air Conditioner LP076HD3A
LG Wall Air Conditioner LP076HD3A. R-410A Refrigerant. Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant utilized in the majority of LG systems. Gold Fin Anti-Corrosion Treatment. Protects the unit from the corrosive effects of outside air and extends the operating life. Cooling Mode. Heating Mode. Fan Mode. Energy Saver Mode. Helps to lower energy consumption operational costs and saves money. Auto Restart. Automatically restarts to programmed setting when the electricity comes on after a power failure. Digital Temperature Control. Precise and easy to use. Front Desk Control Connection. Dip Switch Settings. Saves money by control the Lowest and Highest temperature. Evaporator Frost Control. Temperature Display On Unit. Freeze Room Protection. Electronic temperature controls constantly monitor and maintain indoor temperature to prevent freezing. Pressure Control. Protects guests by shutting down the compressor on abnormal high pressure condition. Wall Unit. Installation Manual. Control Type: Digital. Cooling Capacity: 7,300 BTU. Heating Capacity: 6,100 BTU. Refrigerant: R-410A. EER: 11.2. Air Circulation (H/L): 300/270 CFM. Fan Speeds (Cooling/Heating/Fan): 2/2/2. Dehumidification: 2.0 Pts/Hr. Indoor dB(A): 45/43 dB(A). Outdoor dB(A): 61 dB(A). STC: 30. Rated Voltage: 265-60-1. Electric Heater: 3.5 kW. Circuit Breaker: 20 Amps. Cooling: 54ー - 86ーF. Heating: 54ー - 86ーF. Width: 42. Depth: 19 7/8. Height: 16. Weight: 91 Lbs. LG Electronics pursues its 21st century vision of becoming a true global digital leader who can make its customers worldwide happy through its innovative digital products and services. LG Electronics set its mid- and long-term vision anew to rank among the top 3 electronics, information, and telecommunication firms in the world by 2010. As such, they embrace the philosophy of Great Company, Great People, whereby only great people can create a great company, and pursue two growth strategies involving fast innovation and fast growth. Likewise, they seek to secure three core capabilities: product leadership, market leadership, and people-centered leadership. Available at AJ Madison. The LG HVAC Advantage LG HVAC systems offer a range of solutions that are cost efficient, quiet and attractive. They provide a smart alternative to both central HVAC and window-mounted air conditioners, and are available in a variety of configurations to suit different cooling and heating situations. Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners Ultra-quiet operation is the hallmark of LG's new line of PTAC products. Low decibel levels and an outstanding sound-prevention rating make this your best choice for a quiet environment. And with efficiency ratings up to 11.6 EER, these units are also your energy efficient choice. Other features include standard connections for remote thermostat and front desk controls. Gold Fin technology protects the unit from corrosive effects of outside air and extends the operating life of PTAC models. And the industry standard size makes installation easy and economical.
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