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Amazing Roll-Off Multi-Purpose Cleaner 32 oz.
Amazing Roll-Off Multi-Purpose Cleaner 32 oz.
Product Details Effortless and effective Safe for the environment: bio-degradable, non-corrosive, rust inhibiting and ecologically safe Help prevent rust and repel dirt Keeps surfaces clean longer Technical Details Brand: Bell Manufacturer Part Number: RO-4201 Product Description No need to buy one cleaner for greasy and rusted areas, and another for canvas and vinyl because Roll-Off does it all. Rust and diesel stains disappear like magic. Cleans dirt, mildew and corrosion from fiberglass, fenders, vinyl upholstery, fabric, formica, stainless steel, chrome and copper just to name a few! Works equally well in the home. Roll-Off works in the kitchen and bathroom and is terrific for cleaning ovens, barbecue grills, patio furniture, laundry, etc. Amazing Roll-Off is an appropriate name for this effective cleaner. Spray it onto a variety of surfaces and the dirt, grime and mildew will roll off with little effort from you. Originally developed for boaters to clean their canvas sails, this product has proven to be equally effective on canvas and vinyl automotive convertible tops. And it will not degrade the water repellency. Amazing Roll-Off cleans and degreases tires and wheels, removing dirt, brake dust, and caked-on grime with ease. It is 100% acid-free so it won't harm the rubber or the wheel. It brightens whitewalls and lettering without bleach and virtually without effort. Amazing Roll-Off is tough enough to work as an engine degreaser and a fiberglass cleaner. It removes oil and diesel soot from engine parts and brightens them. It washes stubborn stains and sun-baked grime off vinyl siding, RVs, and, of course, your vinyl or fabric convertible top. Amazing Roll-Off is made to be effortless and effective. SKU: ADIB000FSDZTU
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