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German Pre-Strung Crossbow 150lbs Wooden Stock
German Pre-Strung Crossbow 150lbs Wooden Stock
The German Style 150lbs Crossbow design is heavy duty and can be used for repeatedly launching arrows. It fires at a speed of 210 feet per second, piercing large or thick targets with ease. The aluminum body and steel hardware allow this crossbow to utilize the power needed for heavy duty tasks like piercing armor. The stock is wooden fiberglass compound for a superior hold and stability while firing and it comes pre-strung so you don't have to kill your self trying to string the crossbow. A rear sight can be attached to the slide for fully adjustable fitments. The front sight is adjustable to ensure you receive 100% accuracy from this crossbow. Cock it back easily with the foot stirrup and 16 inch aluminum bolt arrows can be loaded quickly. A tool kit and arrow starter set will be included with the crossbow. Buy the arrows for this crossbow: Survival Arrow Equipment Aluminum Red 16 Inch Extra Survival Aluminum Arrow Black 16 Inch 6pcs Set Check Out These Awesome Accessories For This Crossbow: Archery Accessory Crossbow 6 Arrow Quiver Holster Black Broadhead Arrow Head Set 3 Blade Broadhead Arrow Head Set 4 Blades Archery Accessory Aluminum 16 inch Arrow Replacement E-Z Pull 5pcs Tip Points Replacement Nock 10pcs For 16 inch Arrow Bolts Specifications: Overall Length: 35 Inches Width: 26 Inches Draw Weight: 150 lbs Feet/Second: 210 Power Stroke: 11.5 Inches Arrow Type: 16 Inch, Aluminum Bolt Includes: Foot Stirrup, Sight, Arrow Starter Set, Tool Kit Item Comes Pre-Strung
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