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Nashbar Single-Speed Cyclocross Bike    BIG discounts on these great Bikes
Nashbar Single-Speed Cyclocross Bike BIG discounts on these great Bikes
Nashbar Single-Speed Cyclocross Bike. Finally a single-speed version of one of Nashbar's cyclocross bike that will help you dish out generous servings of your chro-mo mojo to the competition. The Nashbar Single-Speed Cyclocross Bike has an abuse-proof chromoly frame and fork at its heart and soul. And while this steel beauty may pack more grams than its more svelte aluminum and carbon fiber brethren, what it truly inspires is confidence -- confidence in the handling, confidence in ride quality, and the confidence that when you hit the deck (and if you're doing 'cross right that fact is inevitable) your steel rig will still be in one piece and ready to rumble when you pick yourself up. The amount of punishment this frameset can withstand is simply astounding. While some 'cross bikes take the super purist route and provide no water bottle cage braze-ons, we, on the other hand, believe differently. 'Cross bikes are the true all-arounders of the cycling world and just because it may not be de rigueur for world-class racing steads to have their thoroughbred lines blighted with braze-ons this steel stallion is intended to be ridden, and ridden a lot, in non-racing environs. And you know what? You're going to get thirsty. So we highly recommend slapping a cage on and heading out for all kinds of adventure. Come race day, just take that cage off (if you even so desire) and you're good to go. Component-wise, feast your eyes on the slew of lightweight aluminum goodies that make this rig such an extraordinary value. Being a single-speed, though, there's not that much actually there -- these are the ultimate in simplicity after all -- but you'll find the aluminum crankset, and its 46T chainring, to be a super clean, reliable selection. The aluminum bars, stem and seatpost are all workman-like, too, in their utter reliability, simplicity, and durability. In the vein of simplicity and reliability, nothing beats a solid pair of cantilever brakes to modulate your speed and these Tektro gems will treat you right. There's ample clearance to keep your wheels spinning freely in slime and grime and there's no annoying mushiness at all when you pull the levers -- just crisp, firm action. Swapping out pads is a snap, too, with their cartridge holders. Alex alloy rims are nigh indestructible and the Kenda Small Block Eight 'cross tires are an awesome option for those with speed on the brain. Optimized for fast acceleration and hard-pack surfaces, they just rip it up when you apply power to the pedals as if you've got a small block V8 for legs. Have we mentioned what a versatile all-arounder the Nashbar Single-Speed Cyclocross Bike is? As is you've got the goods to duke it out for podium honors on the 'cross course or simply head off-road for adventure and hijinks. Not one to be pigeonholed, however, this bike also makes a head-turning city or commuter bike as well--just sticker it up, maybe swap out the knobs for fatty slicks, and start assaulting the urban scape. But no matter what you do, we guarantee there'll be a mile-wide smile on your face.
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