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2000 Home Gym
2000 Home Gym
2000 Home Gym - For those of you determined to make a difference in your health but are budget cautious the Total Gym 2000 is the perfect home gym for you. Stripped down to the bare essentials the Total Gym 2000 basic unit features: 250 lb weight capacity. Exercise capability - over 40 exercises for cardio strength training and stretching all on 1 machine plus the easy to follow Start It Up! Workout DVD. No assembly required. Folds for easy storage. Endorsed by Chuck Norris & Christie Brinkley. Dimensions Unfolded: 19 W x 90 L x 43 H Dimensions Folded: 19 W x 51 L x 7 H Want to tone your entire body without buying a space-hogging fitness machine? Turn to the Total Gym 2000 exercise platform a stripped-down version of the Total Gym workout machine. The Total Gym 2000 works by making you lift a percentage of your body weight against gravity creating a smooth and fluid resistance. As your strength and conditioning improve you increase the total resistance by boosting the incline thus increasing the body weight lifted in the exercise. The Total Gym 2000 not only works your upper body but also your lower body abdominals and even your cardiovascular system. And by reducing body fat and increasing the proportion of lean muscle mass in your body the strength training effectively turns up the thermostat so that your body burns calories constantly. The Total Gym 2000 folds up compactly for storage. The Total Gym 2000 is designed for the budget-conscious fitness enthusiast. This starter unit which doesn't include any of the add-on accessories available with the Total Gym XLS (for example) features a basic glide board and a pulley and cable system. It also comes with Total Gym's easy-to-follow Start It Up! DVD which walks you through many of the most essential exercises. The Total Gym 2000 which offers a weight capacity of 250 pounds measures 19 by 43 by 90 inches (W x H x D) unfolded. In addition the unit folds up for easy stora
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