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Noninvasive Blood Pressure (NIBP) & Digital Pulse Oximeter
Noninvasive Blood Pressure (NIBP) & Digital Pulse Oximeter
Non-Invasive Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor The Avant 2120 is a noninvasive blood pressure and oxygen saturation monitor that is compact and lightweight enough to be suitable for hospitals, medical offices and home care. This device has been designed to provide accurate readouts for patients ranging from pediatrics to adults by utilizing a variety of available blood pressure cuff sizes and Nonin sensors. The Avant 2120 can perform its duty as an electronic blood pressure monitor even with difficult patients because it is motion tolerant. In fact, this unit has been specifically designed to remain accurate while being used in low perfusion environments and with patients who are in motion. The system and user defined settings allow you to easily adjust the pressure to ensure the comfort of your patients, and you can capture comprehensive data during extended usage. The Avant 2120 also incorporates Nonin's proven PureSAT pulse oximetry technology trusted by clinicians worldwide. The SpO2 module provides an accurate assessment of the patient's blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate. You can rely on a dependable, quality reading even with the most challenging of patients. Features: Comes with a manufacturer's warranty ranging from one to three years on each specific part. The device can print monitoring results automatically or on-demand. Easy on-site user calibration to save time and money. Customizable alarm settings will enable you to more accurately monitor the needs of each specific patient.Additional Features: Print capabilities - Allows you to print data either on-demand or automatically User-defined alarm defaults - User can establish customized alarm default limits. Updated NIBP module and software - Improved NIBP pump and software provide better performance in motion environments. Updated display software - No more loss of blood pressure data when the unit is turned off. New initial cuff inflation pressure - Allows you to select initial cuff inflation up to 240 mmHg. New history mode display - Users will now view previously captured pulse,oximetry, and NIBP data on the display while in history mode. New Manual and Printing Quick Reference/Error Code Quick Reference cards for easy reference.Additional Accessories: Avant Series Printer - Lightweight, portable thermal printer with a long-life lithium battery and easy paper loading. Avant Series Pole Clamp - Allows the Avant Model 2120 to be mounted on a vertical or a horizontal pole.Warranty is 3 years on oximeter, 2 years on the blood pressure module and 1 year on the battery pack.
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