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Mazama - Hardwood Exotic Brushed Sandalwood Collection Bordeaux Tan
Mazama - Hardwood Exotic Brushed Sandalwood Collection Bordeaux Tan
Unique in look and feel, Sandalwood is well known for its hardness and striking aesthetic. Ethically harvested and sustainably produced, the Mazama Sandalwood collection is unlike any other flooring of its kind. Elegant and dynamic in coloring and texture, these floors offer high end appeal for an exceptionally low price. The Exotic Brushed Sandalwood Collection features:Innovative, environmentally conscious flooring: each plank is made from parts of the Sandalwood tree that have been historically overlooked by the industry. By reinventing the manufacturing process, Mazama transforms newly viable lumber into robust flooring that's 3 times harder than other sandalwood products. Versatile application: available in ldquo; thick planks with micro beveled edges, these floors can be installed easily above or below grade with either nail or glue down method. Easy on the eyes, hard on wear: specially treated and pressurized during production, these boards are exceptionally hard. Able to stand up to heavy residential and light commercial foot traffic, these exotic wood floors have a strength and sturdiness more robust than oak. Unique, elegant finish: known for its fine and subtle grain pattern, the Sandalwood found in the Exotic Brushed collection is no exception. With virtually indistinct pores, the superlative smoothness of these floors is unmatched, and adds a sense of regality to any room. Plank dimensions: Thickness: 1/2; Width: 5; Length: 72.
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