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Extech 380320 Analog Insulation Tester
Extech 380320 Analog Insulation Tester
div class=aplus div class=leftImage style=width: 350px; div id=image0img src= alt= div class=imageCaptionView larger/div/div /div h5div id=header0Analog Meghommeter/div/h5 div id=text0 class=a-spacing-smallpMegohmmeter with large easy-to-read analog display, CAT III-1000V safety rating, live circuit warning with three test voltages (250V, 500V, 1000V), as well as an insulation range to 400M ohms. Comes with test leads, six AA batteries, hard carrying case, and user manual./p/div h5div id=header1Additional Features/div/h5 div id=text1 class=a-spacing-smallpMeasures continuity (3 ohms), resistance (500 ohms) and AC Voltage (600V). Other functions include Lock Power On for extended test times, automatic discharge circuit, fuse protection, and 1.3mA short circuit current./p/div h5div id=header2Application and use of insulation testers:/div/h5 div id=text2 class=a-spacing-smallpInsulation testers can be used to test motor, transformer windings, instruments, and appliances, check for moisture in wire and cable assemblies, safely evaluate a new wiring installation, and check for carbon tracking in breakers, relays, and switches. Extech Insulation Testers offer high sensitivity to assure reliable monitoring of low resistance motor windings./p/div div class=break/divbr div class=sixth-col div class=centerImage div id=image1img src= alt= div class=imageCaption380260brView larger/div/div /div /div div class=third-col h5div id=header3Handheld Megohmmeter/div/h5 div id=text3 class=a-spacing-smallpThe autoranging Extech 380260 digital insulation tester has a large, easily readable backlit LCD with dual display of insulation resistance and test voltage. It measures insulation resistance in three selectable voltages of 250, 500 and 1000V and Insulation Resistance to 2000M. A Lock Power On function allows for hands-free operation. Dat
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