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Lezyne Classic Dirt Drive Floor Pump Gloss Black, One Size
Lezyne Classic Dirt Drive Floor Pump Gloss Black, One Size
Simple, easy, straightforward; classic. Lezyne's Classic Dirt Floor Drive Pump takes the features of the other high-volume pumps and pairs them up with an economical wood handle, and steel barrel and piston. Lezyne high-volume (aka mountain) pumps are different from their high-pressure (aka road) brethren. Larger diameter barrels for more volume, larger connections to move the air, larger diameter hoses to put that air into the tire faster, and pressure gauges that read lower pressure more precisely. This moves double the air per stroke and makes it easier to seat tubeless tire beads. The Dirt Floor Drive Pumps have a barrel with a 37mm interior diameter to get more volume in fewer strikes and a 2. 5in pressure gauge that reads up to 70psi. Otherwise, the pumps in this lineup are the same. The rubber hose is 43 inches (130cm) long. At the end of the hose is a flip-thread chuck, a reversible head for both Schrader and Presta valves. It has a button for bleeding air, which is called the ABS (Air Bleed System). The pump comes with a Speed Chuck, a thread-on slip-fit Presta head with a 90-degree angle to easier set the chuck. The Lezyne Classic Dirt Floor Dive Pump measures 7. 9 x 9. 8 x 26. 2in (20 x 26 x 66. 5 cm). The handle is 9. 5in. The interior diameter of the barrel is 37mm, which means the pump has been optimized for high volume applications. It has a claimed weight of 3. 6lbs (1. 6kg). The color is Gloss Black.
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