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Steel Diaper Pail for Cloth or Disposable Diapers by Ubbi - Free Shipping!!
Steel Diaper Pail for Cloth or Disposable Diapers by Ubbi - Free Shipping!!
The Ubbi diaper pail is simple and easy to operate but utilizes innovative materials and an intricate design to achieve maximum odor control. The Ubbi diaper pail was machine-cycle tested and put under strict quality control requirements to prove its superior functionality and ultimate value. It's made of powder coated steel so it doesn't absorb odors and locks in those nasty scents that manage to permeate even the most air-tight nurseries. Plastic diaper pails absorb odors and are hard to clean. It's simple, safe, convenient & easy to clean. Innovative sliding lid minimizes air disruption to prevent odors from escaping. Rubber seals prevent leaks and keep odors locked in safe. Childproof safety lock prevents children from getting into the pail. And it doesn't require any special bags, the ubbi works with any standard tall kitchen garbage bag or, if you're green-minded, any cloth diaper pail liner. It's easy to load, use and empty. (shipping weight 0 lbs)The FREE SHIPPING OFFER will be taken off your order total after we receive your order. Shipping charges will show up in the shopping cart but will be removed once we process your order. You will not be charged shipping on this item.I had a plastic diaper pail but the smell of dirty diapers filled my house. After buying the Ubbi Diaper Pail, you can no longer smell them at all. It's also the perfect size. When it gets full, I know it's time to do laundry!-Jen, Natural Baby customer
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