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Yamaha MX61 Synth STAGE BUNDLE w/ Keyboard Amp, Case, Stands & Pedals
Yamaha MX61 Synth STAGE BUNDLE w/ Keyboard Amp, Case, Stands & Pedals
Yamaha MX-Series Synth BUNDLE including the MX61 Music Synthesizer Keyboard, Powered Speaker, Keyboard Stand, Bench, Gig Bag, Sustain Pedal, USB Flash Drive, and Cable. The Yamaha MX61 includes more than 1000 voices directly from the Yamaha MOTIF XS. It includes acoustic sounds like piano electric piano strings drums as well as complex 8-element synth sounds. Each voice can be customized and stored. You can also use the on-board VCM effects which are designed to simulate the effects found on vintage keyboards. The keyboard also includes the performance mode feature also found on the MOTIF keyboard line. This mode allows you to combine voices for play on the keyboard using the dedicated split and layer buttons and is handy for creating performances that simulate a whole band playing. In addition to the tone generator and performance mode the MX61 is also a capable USB Audio and MIDI Interface. The MX61 audio interface is bi-directional so you can record the internal sounds of the keyboard directly to your computer without ever going to the analog domain. Also you can connect an additional controller to your computer via the MIDI in port or use the keyboard to control other MIDI devices such as hardware sequencers and groove boxes by connecting them to the MX61's MIDI out port. Beyond the USB audio/MIDI port the keyboard also has a USB to Device port so you can connect USB devices for storing MX61 data to external memory. You can also play back .wav files directly from a USB stick using this port. For playing back audio from external audio devices like iPods you can connect to the AUX input using a 3.5mm mini stereo cable. The MX61 is also equipped with knobs and buttons for controlling internal sounds DAW parameters and VST instruments. The interface can be customized with the included remote template editor so that any VST can be set up to be controlled by the MX61. There are also advanced integration templates for use with a variety of DAWs.
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