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START International LD2000 High Speed Electric Label Dispenser, 6 Roll Capacity
START International LD2000 High Speed Electric Label Dispenser, 6 Roll Capacity
The START International LD2000 high-speed electric label dispenser dispenses small labels and die-cut parts made from paper, polyester, vinyl, acetate, foam, foil, and other materials, and is designed for small work areas. The LD2000 has a photosensor, which ensures that the unit peels, dispenses, and advances the label roll accurately and consistently. The liner scrap is automatically rewound for a clean working environment. No tools are required to adjust the dispenser for different label sizes. Up to 8 dispensers can be daisy-chained to other LD2000 dispensers to operate as a single dispenser and dispense different labels at the same time. The dispenser housing is made from anodized aluminum for durability. The LD2000 label dispenser operates on 12 VDC, using an included 100-240 VAC universal transformer. This label dispenser is made in the U. S. It is suitable for industrial uses such as manufacturing, assembly, and packaging. SpecificationsRoll Capacity, Maximum Outside Diameter6/152 mmRoll Capacity, Core Size1/25 mm and 3/76 mmLabel Width Capacity0. 25 to 2. 25 (6 to 57 mm)Label Length Capacity0. 5 to 3 (13 to 76 mm)Feed Speed2. 2/56 mm per secondOverall Size of Unit9. 6 x 4. 9 x 7. 3 inches/244 x 124 x 185 mm (H x W x D). H is height, the vertical distance from the lowest to highest point; W is width, the horizontal distance from left to right; D is depth, the horizontal distance from front to back. Label dispensers and label applicators help remove a label from its liner or backing paper. They are used in manufacturing, bulk mailing, packaging, and the food and beverage industry. Manual label applicators and multi-roll label dispensers are useful for small jobs. The operator pulls the liner or backing paper around a plate or a bar, peeling the label away from the liner. High-speed electric label dispensers are often used in industrial settings. When the operator removes a label, a sensor detects its absence and switches the motor to advance the label r
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