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Le Creuset 4.5-Quart Cast-Iron Cassoulet Dish - Cassis - Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron
Le Creuset 4.5-Quart Cast-Iron Cassoulet Dish - Cassis - Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron
Casseroles - This Le Creuset cassoulet dish is named after the traditional French cooking vessel, the cassole, a deep pot with tapered sides to allow more exposure on the surface. Durable vitreous, porcelain enameled cast iron distributes heat to bake evenly without hot spots, allowing excellent dispersion of flavors. The layering of white beans with virtually any variety of meats creates a savory, well-received meal. With sausage, chicken, lamb or pork shoulder and any assortment of herbs, spices or ingredients, such as tomatoes, onions or bacon, this dish creates a rich and delicious all-in-one meal. Ideal design to bake shepherd's pie or pot pie. A breadcrumb topping crisps beautifully to meld the flavors of your slow-cooked entree. The cassoulet dish attractively goes from oven or stove top to table, then stores in the refrigerator.The mainstay of French chefs for nearly a century, Le Creuset cookware features bold and bright colors in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any culinary need and - Specifications Models: L2016-2872 (Cassis), L2016-2867 (Cherry), L2016-2830 (Cobalt), L2016-282 (Flame) 11 1/4“ Dia. (14 1/2“L w/handles) x 4 3/4“H Weight: 7-lb., 8-oz. Made in France Care and Use Hand wash Safe for stove tops including electric, gas, ceramic, halogen and induction Oven-, broiler- and freezer-safe Stove top: select low to medium heat for best results Select the size of your heat source so that it is as close as possible to the base size of your pan. This will prevent energy loss and overheating of the handle Gently pre-heat on low setting for 2-3 minutes then add oil or liquid to pan Use only wooden, plastic, silicone or heat resistant nylon tools, to avoid scratching the enamel Use a potholder or oven glove to lift metal handled pan from the stovetop or oven Stand hot pan on a Le Creuset trivet, board or cloth, not directly on unprotected countertops When using pan on ceramic or halogen stovetops, always
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