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Far Cry 4 (Game Guide)
Far Cry 4 (Game Guide)
Some travel to the rugged terrain of the Himalayas to experience the region's breathtaking beauty. Others come for the thrill of the exotic or the challenge of survival. Nestled deep in the mountains, Kyrat is a dangerous and stunning world, and you find it transformed under the malevolent rule of a despotic, self-appointed king. With this guide in your hands, you'll be ready for anything the land of Kyrat can throw at you. Prima Games' official strategy guide to Far Cry 4 provides you with the tips, tricks, information and stats you'll need to prepare yourself for your journey into the gorgeous and treacherous world of Kyrat. Know when to sneak around and when to go in guns blazing with the comprehensive single-player walkthrough that features labeled mission maps and optimal tactics for stealth or aggressive strategies. Scan the fully labeled poster map of the world and learn the locations of all collectibles and important items. Achieve 100% completion with in-depth information on every outpost, fortress, collectible and optional activity. Study the complete stats for all the gear and transportation, so you're ready to take on the dynamic terrain of Kyrat from the lush, dense jungle to the towering, snowy peaks. Become the hunter and avoid being the hunted with information on the local wildlife. Drop into and crush the competition in the Guns for Hire mode with this guide's advanced combat tactics and multiplayer strategies. Prepare for the adventure into Kyrat with the helpful information packed into the pages of this game guide.
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