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SunBrite TV DS4717TSLBL Black Pro 47 Aluminum Powder Coated Exterior Outdoor Touch Screen TV DS4717TSL
SunBrite TV DS4717TSLBL Black Pro 47 Aluminum Powder Coated Exterior Outdoor Touch Screen TV DS4717TSL
NEW SunBriteDS Digital Signage Pro Series 47 DS4717TSL outdoor, allweather, commercialgrade touch screen signage with dispersive signal (3M) touch screen technology. Upengineered with SunBriteDS EST technology Enhanced Solar Tolerance for direct sun applications, impervious to isotropic blackout (those black spots that occur on TV and computer screens when directly facing the sun). The DS4707TSL is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and continue to perform flawlessly. This weatherproof 47 Pro Series touch screen monitor is perfect for wayfinding, interactive digital signage, customer interaction, or video entertainment for any outdoor commercial venue. When not inuse as a touch screen monitor, the DS4717TSL can serve as a premium weatherproof HDTV perfect for outdoor areas in resorts, stadiums, cafes, theaters, rooftops and most anywhere. The DS4717TSL includes fullHD 1080p, ambient light sensor, detachable 20 WATT weatherproof speaker module, front tempered antireflective glass window to protect the LED LCD screen and twoyear warranty for either commercial or residential applications.Dispersive signal (3m) touch screen technology Bright 47inch direct sunlight readable 700 nit led lcd screen Ambient light sensor with user selectable settings Landscape installation only For protrait mode, see ds4717tsp High temperature enhanced solar tolerance (est) technology prevents isotropic blackout Exterior designed to protect internal components from rain, dust, insects, humidity, and salt air Multifan airflow system keeps the unit cool, dry in temp.s up to 122 degrees f Ability to operate in cold weather (40 degrees f) Front tempered antireflective glass window provides added protection to led lcd screen, and safeguards against vandalism and abuse Full command control, rs232 and discrete ir located in cableentry compartment Innovative watertight cable entry system seals out moisture Powdercoated aluminum exterior Weatherproof
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