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9 Variety Pack of Geranium Flower Seeds GMO Free
9 Variety Pack of Geranium Flower Seeds GMO Free
Comes with 270 seeds.Geraniums are relatively easy to grow from seeds. However, geranium seedlings are slow growing. Geranium seeds should be sown in early to mid-February to produce flowering plants for spring. Flowering occurs approximately 13 to 15 weeks after sowing.Soilless mixes, such as Jiffy Mix and Redi-earth, are excellent germination media. During germination, damping-off of geranium seedlings can be a serious problem. Damping-off is caused by various types of fungi that attack the seedlings and destroy them. To discourage this, containers used for starting seeds should be clean and have adequate drainage. Previously used containers should be washed in soapy water, then disinfected by dipping in a solution containing one part chlorine bleach and nine parts water. Fill the container with the germination medium to within 1/2 to 1 inch of the top. Firm the medium lightly, water thoroughly and allow it to drain for a few minutes. Sow the seeds in rows 2 to 3 inches apart and cover with about 1/8 inch of medium. After sowing, thoroughly water the medium by partially submersing the container in water. When the surface becomes wet, remove the container from the water and allow it to drain. The medium also can be moistened with a soft spray of water from a rubber bulb sprinkler or similar device. To ensure a uniform moisture level during the germination period, cover the container with clear plastic food wrap or a clear plastic dome. Set the container in bright light, but out of direct sunlight. Excessive heat buildup may occur if the covered container is set in direct sunlight. The seeds should begin to germinate in seven to ten days. Remove the plastic covering as soon as germination occurs. Place the seedlings in a sunny window or under fluorescent lights. Fluorescent lights should be no more than 4 to 6 inches above the seedlings and left on for 12 to 16 hours per day.
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