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Every sewer should have a dress form! What's so earthshaking about having a dress form in the sewing room? It's simple: fitting is the hardest thing about sewing, especially sewing for yourself, and having a form on which to solve your fitting problems transforms the challenge from a slow, abstract process of measuring and altering outlines on a flat piece of pattern paper into an immediate, hands-on process of playing with fabric (or paper) on a 3-D version of yourself. With a few pins, some muslin, you can explore more pattern tweaks and learn more about fitting on a dress form quickly than you could in hours of flat-pattern investigation on paper.Every sewer has a dream to have a dress form. The problem is the professional dress form in the current market is too costly for a sewer. Not every one can afford it. Great News! This affordable dress form is finally available! It is ideally suited for every phase of tailoring and dressmaking ... fitting, designing, alterations, remodeling and draping. With this dress form, you can get more professional results. It is really a must-have aide for every sewer! Standard Size : Ladies Size -- Large. Adjustable Bust: 45.50-53, Waist: 38.50-46, Hips: 46.50-55, Neck & Back 15.5-17. 12 Adjustable knob stations. Sturdy Four Feet Base. Adjustable Dress form. Knob tool working with adjustable knob station make adjustment of dress form easily with one hand. Adjustments can be made in precise increments. This is the unique feature of this model. For some similar products in the market, their adjustments are not precise. -- as a result, you may get inaccurate size for the fitting. Light gray color -- good for any color fabric. Foam-backed nylon cover. Pen hem marker for accurate marking.
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