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Co-Pilot Fm Handset- Listen to your Cell Phone On Your Car Radio (Without Blue Tooth!)
Co-Pilot Fm Handset- Listen to your Cell Phone On Your Car Radio (Without Blue Tooth!)
Order Online Or Call Us At 1-718-734-1516You have seen devices advertised for 4 times the price that do nothing more than this device does! You can buy these from us for a mere fraction of that cost. Each unit is BRAND-NEW and FACTORY SEALED! These FIT EVERY CELL PHONE out there. It works with ALL GSM, TDMA, CDMA devices It is powered by your car or truck's cigarette lighter and comes with a *FREE* adaptor & HOLDER to position your phone in a good snug position, as well as an adaptor to give you an extra cigarette lighter receptical to replace the one you need to run this you can charge your cell phone at the same time! This unit comes with its own pull-up antenna, for great transmission to your car stereo's receiver. Turn your radio into a telephone and keep your hands free while driving! The Cigarette Lighter Universal Handsfree is a technologically advanced system that works through the FM frequency allowing you to make calls using your car's audio system. Simply clip the Cigarette Lighter Powered Universal Handsfree unit to your phone and tune your radio to the correct station (FM 96.1) to be on your way to convenient hands-free communication. The Cigarette Lighter Powered Universal Hands Free does not require any additional equipment and works on any phone and in any car. You don't have to worry about other car radios picking up your conversation, as it is only designed to transmit up to 3 meters (about 9 feet). The way this thing works is easy: just clip it over your cell phone speaker and put it in a handy spot in your car. Then tune into your car radio at the frequency listed on the package (you can even pre-set that frequency on your car stereo, as if it is a radio station)... and then use your car stereo and it's great sound, to listen to your cell phone call RIGHT OVER YOUR STEREO! Adjust the bass, treble, etc. right through your car stereo! This device is FUN, neat and a LIFESAVER, as well as a TICKET-SAVER. Many jurisdictions now have LAWS requiring hands-free devices when using cell phones. Why put up with that awkward headset.... ear bud thingies.....when you can have REAL SOUND from your cell phone! This UNIT is actually an FM Radio Transmitter, so you could even use it sing over your car stereo system at the beach! (Please ONLY do this if you have a good singing voice!) .......or in the privacy of your own home to sing over your home stereo system! JUST 4 EASY STEPS TO USE IT:1. Push the button at the bottom left of the cell phone holder, to release the sides. Put in your phone, then push the sides of the holder closed, to hold your phone tightly.2. Clip the suction cup on your cell phone's ear speaker. Make sure that the Cigarette Lighter Powered Universal FM Handsfree devices' microphone rubber cup is lined up with your cell phone's speaker (ear piece).3. Set any radio button on your FM Stereo to 96.1 MHz on FM.4. Push your preset FM radio button to receive calls and automatically the caller's voice will be heard through your car stereo speakers! Your own voice is transmitted through your own cell phone and is clearly heard by the calling party.That's it! There is nothing else to do!When your next call comes in, your unit will automatically switch from STANDBY mode to ON mode.When you need to make calls, the unit operates in the exact same way.
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