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An Introduction to Information Design
An Introduction to Information Design
You'll love this information design book if: You want to learn more about the principles underlying graphic design You're looking for advice on designing for a variety of mediums You're a graphic designer or currently studying graphic design Graphic design is a wellknown concept, but what about the practice that forms its foundation, information design? While it's important for the display of information to be visually appealing, it's also critical that the information presented is also communicated effectively, which is the basic idea behind information design. Get a complete and thorough overview of this integral aspect of visual communication, and come to understand a variety of the concepts that help shape information design, like the audience, selection of media, structure, experimentation, legibility and readability, and multiplatform delivery. Utilize practical exercises and tips in order to put these concepts into practice, and get a realworld look at information design with fully illustrated case studies from prominent professional designers. Creating information design for print, interactive, and environmental media may prove to be a challenge, but this guide is a fantastic start to accomplishing it. About the authors: Kathryn Coates was the Art Editor for The Times Higher Education . She is currently Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design at Nottingham Trent University. Andy Ellison is a Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design at Nottingham Trent University. He is a member of the Typographic Circle, the Sign Design Society and the International Institute for Information Design. Contents: Chapter 1. What is Information design? Chapter 2. Information design for specific audiences Chapter 3. Structuring information Chapter 4. Legibility and readability Chapter 5. Realising the design through appropriate media Chapter 6. Experimentation and inspiration for the design process Chapter 7. Information design in practice: print,
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